Image by Kelly Makropoulos

Yet another instalment of our favourite songs from the past week!

Hush Moss – Clear

Possibly the funkiest song since the 80’s, ‘Clear’ is retro-funk pop at its absolute finest. There are horns, there is falsetto vocals, there are twinkling key, there is an outrageous bassline. Really do I need to go on? Just go listen.

Party Hardly – Mindchanger

Leeds four-piece Party Hardly have stepped up their game yet again, with this fizzing indie-pop hit. Combining shimmering 80’s guitars with a huge chorus and driving drums, ‘Mindchanger’ seems to balance on the edge of chaos, only just managing to avoid implosion.

Cousin Kula – Working For It

A blissed, laid-back psyche-pop hit from Bristol’s Cousin Kula. Keyboards glitter and shine, whilst delicate vocal harmonies catch the ear. ‘Working For It’ builds so softly, that when the instrumental section comes in with its dancing guitar, you won’t have even noticed how encompassing the warm, rich sounds are.

Dana Gavanski – How Long Has it Been

Off her new demos collection ‘Spring Demos’ – which are available via Fox Food Records – ‘How Long Has it Been’ is a wonderfully rich acoustic song. Her vocals contain a darkness and sorrow very few are able to conjure, whilst the simple instrumentation perfectly compliments the earthy, gothic tones of the guitar.

King Krule – Dum Surfer

Dark and menacing, the first minute or so of this new cut from King Krule sounds like it could have come from his previous Archy Marshall project, A New Place 2 Drown. But slowly the ominous samples and claustrophobic drums make way for his signature strummed jazz chords. “If we were commuting, this train would fucking crash” he bites in that deep voice that has made him so instantly recognisable.

Peach Club – Bad Bitch

Norwich’s best new punk band Peach Club deliver up their heaviest song to date. The guitars seem thicker and grittier than before, and the refrain of “You must have not heard that I’m a bad bitch” is the kind of hook that you’ll want to shout constantly.

Holiday Ghosts – Can’t Bear to Be Boring

Another shuffling acoustic number from one of our favorite new bands. With an energetic pace, carried by strumming guitars, Holiday Ghosts’ brand of breakneck blues-tinged rock runs wild, with crunchy guitars and a brilliantly captivating vocal. The band play Bristol soon with Drunk Mums on 2nd October, so go see them.

Honey Lung – Stuttering Mind

Some wonderful, downbeat guitar-pop. With brightly strummed guitars and splashing drums, the song’s uplifting feel is countered by the husky, down-and-out vocal, creating something both beautiful and touching.

Seeing Hands – Take Me Back

Newcastle band Seeing Hands deliver is beautiful, shimmering sunshine hit on new single ‘Take Me Back’. With vocals so breezy they are almost inseparable from the bright synths, ‘Take Me Back’ is like a cold drink on a hot day. Its washed out guitars will fill your whole head, whilst the pulsating bass will move through you.

Come back next for more of our favourite tracks.