Photo credit: Matt Martin

Oh yes. It’s that time. The New Music Time. Newmusic o’clock. Lets go:

Cagework – Simmer

Cagework impresses with a mix of scraping garage guitars and glimpses of calming beauty on new track ‘Simmer’. You may have previously heard his distinctive vocals on American Enthusiasm’s blistering garage rock tracks, but on ‘Simmer’, Cagework gives us a softer side. Still with a gritty DIY sound, the track exhibits interesting, intricate songwriting.

Fake Laugh – On Loop

The second half of Fake Laugh’s new 7” single. Not as butter-smooth as his usual output, ‘On Loop’ has a tenseness to it, it’s fuzzing guitar and quickly delivered vocals bleeding out the stress of being “stuck on loop”.

Friendly Fires – Love Like Waves

On shiiiiit party-boys Friendly Fires are FINALLY back. ‘Love Like Waves’ is exactly what we wanted from: a sleek, colossal dance-hit. Bouncing synths and a hook the size of a house combine to prove that the band have lost none of their chops since they’ve been away.

Tara Clerkin – Queeny

The second dose of Tara Clerkin that we’ve had this week, what a treat (check out the first song here)! ‘Queen’ released via the newly formed Rock Pool Recordings, is a fizzing piece of pop, with the song’s delicate instrumentation hidden behind a wall of warm, lo-fi hum. The video is brilliant as well, with Tara playing a tyrannical queen in a cartoon kingdom.

Nice For What – Drake

I know that ‘God’s Plan’ was everywhere, but let’s be honest, it wasn’t that great. ‘Nice For What’ is thankfully, not another tropical-tinged Drake song, and finds the Canadian King going in over a looping Lauryn Hill sample. His flow is versatile, showing that he is still the king of switching between rapping and singing, and finds more to talk about than just moping over girls as he’s want to do.

The Ornsteins – Glacial

Some warm, charming bedroom pop from Bristol’s The Ornsteins. The second taste of the new Breakfast Records mega-compilation, ‘Glacial’ combines humming guitars and pining vocals, with new layers washing in and out as the song progresses. Short but sweet, it’s a song to hold close.

The Death of Pop – Cash for Gold

Another glistening piece of 80’s new wave from The Death of Pop. One of many highlights off their recent EP ‘Heads West’, ‘Cash for Gold’ glides along on hazy synths and chiming guitars, with wonderful whispered backing vocals. A beautiful taste of sunshine.

Wedding – Hands in the Till

The first track from Berlin-born, but Manchester based Wedding’s new 7″, out via Art is Hard. With the wall of feedback that hits you in the first few seconds, you might think you’re in for an aural battering, but in fact ‘Hands in The Till’ is a woozy, jangling piece of psych. The track grabs you buy the hand, its gruff but soft vocals hypnotising you whilst guitars and synths wrap themselves around you. Blissed out guitar at its best.

Jess Williamson – Mama Proud

A soft, swelling, beautiful piece from Jess Williamson, from upcoming album Cosmic Wink. The soft guitar that accompanies her soft, delicate vocals is joined by blossoming instrumentation – soft harmonies glide in, whilst percussion creates a controlled chaos as keys twinkle into earshot. Deft yet strong, ‘Mama Proud’ is hypnotic.

Check back for more new music next week.