Photo by Julia Nalaskowski

Lots of fantastic new music to get excited about. Have a listen below:

Canshaker Pi – No Sack, No Way

A breezy laid-back piece from Canshaker Pi. With the same slacker drawl as Pavement, the song slowly shifts along, scratchy guitars and punchy bass stopping and starting, suddenly taking the song from one section to the next. Rumour has it if you play it on repeat enough, the sun will return.

Let’s Eat Grandma – It’s Not Just Me

The new Let’s Eat Grandma album is shaping up to one of the most exciting pop records of the year. ‘It’s Not Just Me’ contains the industrial, cold stabs of PC Music synths that have infected their other new tracks, but the duo’s calm vocals give it a warmth and melancholy despite the glitches. An astounding piece of pop.

Goan Dogs – Brother (From Another Mother)

Local boys Goan Dogs have treated us to an excellent new song, and excellent new video. Watch the boys play their ridiculously catchy new song in a karaoke bar, winning over the locals and getting people dancing.

Courtney Barnett – City Looks Pretty

A driving, buzzing new cut from Courtney Barnett. With haywire guitars and a hypnotic bassline dancing around her deadpan vocals, Courtney unleashes her brilliant way with words, her meandering lyrics painting the inner workings of her head for all to see.

Iceage – The Day The Music Dies

Possibly the most straightforward guitar song Iceage have ever done. ‘The Day The Music Dies’ has a biting Stooges style stomp, whilst the slurred vocals, horns and piano bleed together like a drunk Rolling Stones song.

RXC – Gold

Dark, minimal pop from RXC. About “the moments in the madness that we share when we know it’s over”, the track’s skittish beat stands out against swirling harmonies and a slowly shifting bass. This allows RXC’s delicate vocal to take centre-stage, and it’s that which steals the show. Beautifully noir alt-pop.

China Bowls – To Belong (live)

Bristol’s China Bowls has shared an impressive live version of her song ‘To Belong’. Its smooth jazz instrumental has a hiphop undercurrent brought out further on the second half of the song when China Bowls drops her guitar to sing/rap a beautiful verse. Her breath-taking vocals are hypnotic, and you’ll be washed away by this calming track.

FIDLAR – Alcohol

The dark older brother to FIDLAR’s breakout song ‘Cheap Beer’. The screamed vocals and driving garage guitars are still there, but instead of a freeing celebration of booze, ‘Alcohol’ is a lonely, gritty and paranoid snapshot of someone who needs alcohol. The band’s open discussion of addiction on their last album looks set to continue on their new album.


Lotic – Hunted

A glitching, industrial new track from Texas artist Lotic. Looping whispered vocals are drowned out by chaotic percussion, whilst backing vocals give the track its only melodic line. Moments of serene beauty are broken by claustrophobic feedback and metallic stabs.

Langkamer – Racecar

We premiered this gem from the new Breakfast Records compilation earlier this week. Have another listen to the lo-fi fuzzy-rock tune now.

Come back next week for some more great new music