Spent the entire week watching the car-crash that is Kanye’s twitter feed and missed all new music? Don’t worry, we’ve selected the best tracks for you:

Snail Mail – Heat Wave

In another new track of debut album Lush, Snail Mail wants to do something more than just get wasted, but struggles to think of anything else to do. Buzzing guitar cuts through the chiming chords, giving the song an edge and darkness at odds with her melancholic vocals.

Chaouche – We Will Love

Here at Bristol Live, we have been blown away by every small peak we’ve had of Bristol’s Chaouche so far, and so the announcement of her debut album Safe has got us very excited news. Along with that announcement, the artist has also released beautiful new track ‘We Will Love’. Its hypnotising mix of soft pianos, glitching production and her soft voice is like nothing else, and has only served to make us more excited.

The Internet – Roll (Burbank Funk)

The Internet return with a smooth as hell funk cut, the first new song three years from the group. The looping disco bassline is the track’s only constant, with soft, psychedelic vocals dipping in and out, and stabs of harmony hitting you from all angles. A slow growing, grooving masterclass.

Honey Gentry – Heaven, California

Slow and cinematic, Honey Gentry’s first single since last year is a dreamily dark piece of guitar pop. The vocals sit isolated pleading “Take me to heaven when you go”, whilst soft guitars echo in the background. Tinges of country and shimmering 50’s pop seep through every reverb-laden guitar strum, and the overall effect is deeply hypnotic.

Brockley Forest – One Obsession

Bristol two-piece Brockley Forest are back with an absolute earful of riffs. ‘One Obsession’’s one-two punch of pounding drums and crunching guitar hits you from the off, starting scrappy and ending up stadium sized. The track is off the duo’s new EP ‘Castaway’, which is out 11th May.

Amber Arcades – Simple Song

With soft horns and twinkling guitar, ‘Simple Song’ has the dreamy feel of Amber Arcades, but with an acoustic strum, it also has an earthy feel we’ve not heard from the band before. The song slowly creeps up on you, with the nonchalant vocals drifting over layers of guitars.

Yawwn – Be a Man

A fizzing dreamy number from London’s Yawwn. The hazy guitar of the verses are blown away by the commanding bassline, driving the song into an anthemic chorus. Bubbling electronics dance in an out during a psych-style breakdown, before the song explodes back out again, with the colourful guitars and pounding drums lifting the track sky-high.

Keir – Sadboy

Keir is sad. Dunno if you’d guessed from the title. Stuck in love with someone he knows that’s bad for him, the Bristol artist unleashes a fuzzing, glam stomp to help exercise the demons. Polished and precise, the song has a glossy finish that makes it undeniably catchy, whilst Keir’s acrobatic vocals will yet again floor you.

Parquet Courts – Mardi Gras Beads

After two haywire singles off their new album, ‘Mardi Gras Beads’ takes a more reflective tone, at least letting us know there will be one moment of respite from the madness that the new Parquet Courts album is turning out to be. The track is a slow, contemplative number, containing the chugging guitars that Parquet Courts use so well, but still with that Danger Mouse polish.

Janelle Monáe – Dirty Computer (Emotion Picture)

I was having a hard time picking exactly which new Janelle Monáe song to pick off her brilliant new album Dirty Computer, but then she made my job a whole load easier by releasing a full visual version of it. So sit yourself down and prepare to be blown away.

Come back next week for more of our favourite new songs.