God it’s hot isn’t it. Bloody warm outside. Bit too hot really. Anyway, here’s the best tracks from last week:

Lumer – Burn/Bleed

Dark, brooding punk from Leeds. As the name suggests, the track is divided in two halves, one a slow burning funeral march, the other a full throttle assault, with a pummelling bassline with biting, echo-drenched guitars being the constant in both parts. Breathtakingly brash.

Slonk – Guarantee

More lessons in heart-wrenching lo-fi from Bristol’s Slonk. The soaring violin and almost-choral backing vocals in this new track give it a sheen and expansiveness we’re not usually treated to on a Slonk song. But these little touches only add to the ‘Guarantee’’s beauty, and help to centre Slonk’s call that “Every time I breathe is an emergency”.

Phoebe Bridgers, Noah Gundersen and Abby Gundersen – Killer + The Sound

A beautiful reworking of Phoebe Bridgers’ ‘Killer’ and Noah Gundersen’s ‘The Sound’. Both tracks are set to beautifully ornate piano, with Phoebe and Noah combining both their voices and songs, with one delicately blending into the other. An astounding performance that’ll make your hair stand on end.

Florence and the Machine – Hunger

God we’ve missed you Florence. ‘Hunger’ is a classic powerful piece of pop from the artist, with pounding tribal drums, stabbing piano and plucking strings all taking second place to her commanding vocals. A devastatingly personal and open track that finds Florence at her grandest yet most organic sounding.

Abstract Typography – I Feel Better Already

More sunshine ready garage from Abstract Typography. Light, hypnotic guitars permeate the track throughout, but it’s when that jangling turns to fuzzed out riffs that the track really bites, and with Stan Bull’s understated vocal, ‘I Feel Better Already’ perfectly balances chaos and calm.

Childish Gambino – This is America

Not content with delivering one of the best TV shows of the year and being in Star Wars, Donald Glover has also brought back Childish Gambino to deliver a visceral new song that takes aim at the political and social climate in the US, and setting it to astounding visuals. It finds Childish Gambino swerving from beautiful gospel-inspired vocals to menacing trap, never letting you rest as a listener, whilst packing a lot into a small package.

TT – The Dream

The first track off Warpaint’s Theresa Wayman’s debut solo record LoveLaws. Featuring her distinctively psychedelic vocals, the track is, instrumentally, built from looping samples and sweeping synths. Like with Warpaint, the track is layered, shifting and impossible to predict, but it’s cinematic sound is something that the band have never attempted on their own. An intriguing taste of her upcoming album.

Maya Law – Give Me No Love

Meditative hip-hop infused soul from Norwich’s Maya Law. Maya’s vocals dance constantly, one moment a smooth whisper, that next a staccatoed flow. The bitterness of the relationship gone south she tells in her lyrics seeps into her performance, the melancholy blending with the looping trumpets and mellow percussion.

Death Grips – Streaky

Uh oh, Death Grips are online. The first track off their new album is actually kind of low-key (I mean for Death Grips obviously). With a glitching yet funky beat, MC Ride barely raises his voice above a mumble, but with the chaos going on around him, it’s a welcome point of calm.

Come back next week for more of our favourite tracks