Photo by Bao Ngo

Music’s quite good isn’t it? Listen to some more of it here:

Mitski – Geyser

A glitching, intense new song from Mitski. Her soft vocals are interrupted by glitching, distorted noise blasts, whilst unsettling synths swell beneath. The track quickly expands however, with dramatic, industrial drums and driving guitars, shifting the song into stadium territory.

Trust Fund – Carson McCullers

Bristol’s trust fund is back with his usual fantastic blend of haywire guitars, impassioned vocals and big, heart wrenching choruses. Named after the famous American novelist, ‘Carson McCullers”s light guitars hide the heartbreak within, with Ellis unable to stop thinking about a girl he’s still in love with. A brilliant return.

Pip Blom – Pussycat

A fuzzy, discordant three minutes of fun from Pip Blom. With drawled slacker vocals and sludgy guitars, the song definitely ticks all the boxes for a grunge-pop hit, and combined with the electric chorus, the track is a real statement of intent from the Dutch band.

Parquet Courts – Freebird II

Who knew a song called ‘Freebird II’ would actually be this fantastic. We were teased with this song at the end of Parquet Courts single ‘Almost Had to Start a Fight/In and Out of Patience’ when we hear Andrew Savage mumble “This song’s called Free Bird two”, but with the release of the band’s new album Wide Awake! we’ve been finally allowed to hear it, and boy is it a corker. Nothing like actual ‘Free Bird’, the song is instead a loose, sky-kissing piece of dreamy jangling guitar pop.

Anderson .Paak – Bubblin

A full throttle new song from everyone’s favourite singing drummer (I don’t want to hear any Phil Collins nonsense). Over violin samples and a deranged trumpet line, .Paak’s infectious vocal dances; his over the top lyricism matching with the over the top video.

Bdrmm – The Way I Want

One of our favourite new acts, Leeds’ bdrmm is back with another blissed-out slice of guitar-pop. The song’s slowly cascading guitars are like a relaxing exhale, whilst the honey-dipped vocals wash over you. Like Jaws at their most dreamy, bdrmm is able to combine these beautiful sonics with an earworm of a chorus.

Sorry – Showgirl

An ambitious new song from Sorry. Gritty, dark guitars fizz behind the hypnotic vocals, before culminating in the kind of chorus that’ll dance around your head for days. After spending some time in the studio with Frank Ocean collaborator Sean Oakley, this summer could be a big one for the band.

Death Grips – Black Paint

Ah now this is more like it. After the slightly tamer (for Death Grips) effort of ‘Streaky’, ‘Black Paint’ wastes no time battering you with punishing bass. It does however have a semblance of clarity and the songwriting of far more linear than the free-form noise the band sometimes assault us with. ‘Black Paint’ has a pulsating industrial feel about it, and MC Rides of “Black, black paint” are pretty much a chorus (for Death Grips).

SZA – Garden (Say it Like Dat)

Thought you literally couldn’t love SZA SZN was over? Think again, pal. ‘Garden’, off her incredible 2017 album CTRL, is given the full video treatment, with man of the moment Donald Glover joining SZA in an idyllic Garden of Eden.

Come back next week for more great new music.