Soothe your most probably hurting head with some great

Moses Sumney – Make Out in My Car

Moses Sumney has given this track off his blisteringly good 2017 album Aromanticism a full extended mix, adding some beautifully experimental extras. Adding to the original’s soaring chorus, the new mix adds some glitching verses, giving you something to bite down on after the washed-out choruses. There’s also remixes of the track from James Blake and Sufjan Stevens if you want your mind blown a bit further.

Poisonous Birds – Tangle

We premiered this track on Friday, but if you haven’t had a chance to listen, here it is again. Bristol two-piece Poisonous Birds expand on their last EP with this enveloping, glittering, yet grimy, track.

Pusha T – Hard Piano (feat Rick Ross)

King Push is back, with a surprise new album DAYTONA, and surprise surprise, it slaps. The sparse production throughout the record suits Pusha’s tense flow, and highlight ‘Hard Piano’’s beat is the prime example. A looping piano line that’s both glitzy and dirty, allows Pusha to skim the surface, whilst Rick Ross’s luxurious flow glides on top.

Spectres – Neck (Silver Waves Remix)

Spectres have dragged in another bunch of artists to help them remix their fantastic last album Condition into an even more visceral, abrasive listen. Silver Waves deconstructs ‘Neck’ with caustic drums attacking when you least expect. It’s a thrilling, disorientating listen.

Maggie Rogers – Fallingwater

Pharrell’s fave new popstar Maggie Rogers is back with her first single of the year. ‘Fallingwater’ is a slowly building, beautifully atmospheric piece of piano pop, exhibiting not just the delicate vocals that captured Pharrell’s ear, but also Maggie’s ability to write an absolute ear-worm of a chorus.

LUMP – Late to The Flight

Another early taste of LUMP’s debut album, the new project from Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay. The warm, humming electronics swell and compliment Laura’s husky, earthy tones, while harmonic layers play with the light guitar strums, creating a wonderful amount of feeling out of very little.

James Blake – Don’t Miss It

Made with the help of Mount Kimbie, James Blake returns with a soft, piano led heartwrencher that still manages to push boundaries via its glitching production. His voice dips between the raw, soft falsetto we’re used to, and a highly affected, sped up vocal, turning the tenderness into something more robotic and frantic.

Drake – I’m Upset

Uh oh. Here it is. Peak Drake. I thought maybe we’d reached Peak Drake around ‘Hot Line Bling’. Or maybe that time he got caught lint-rolling at the basketball. But no. Here it is. Peak Drake.

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