Check out all the hot pieces of new music we’ve had on repeat over the last week:

Sobs – Telltale Signs

Singapore-based trio Sobs won our hearts with their breezy debut EP ‘Catflap’ last year, and have stolen them again on ‘Telltale Signs’, the first track off their debut album. Their blend of shimmering guitars and carefree vocals will make your heart soar, sounding like an even more sunkissed Soccer Mommy. A wonderful blissful piece of DIY guitar pop.

Idles – Colossus

They’re back! Bristol boys dun good Idles have surprised us with two new tracks this week, ‘Colossus’ and ‘Danny Nedelko’. Both find the band continuing their blistering form on from debut album Brutalism, but ‘Colossus’ shows a menacing depth to the band’s brand of claustrophobic punk. It shifts and builds, tense guitars raising your blood pressure, as Joe Talbot spits “It goes and it goes and it goes!”

Charli XCX – 5 In The Morning

A pulsating trap-infused late night/early morning hit from Charli XCX. Over uplifting piano stabs, Charli XCX states her intention to go all in despite it being waaaaay past a reasonable bedtime. Dark and melancholic, it’s a track full of slow burning brilliance.

Black Midi – bmbmbm

London hype-band Black Midi prove just why they’re the name on everyone’s lips with the forceful ‘bmbmbm’. With the same brutal chaos that Girl Band deploy, the track is carried by a simple bassline with stabs of guitar breaking through unexpectedly. The repeated lyrics hypnotise you throughout, before all hell breaks loose, and the band’s combined force pummels you into the floor.

Why Bonnie – Stereo

Ahhhh yes, new Why Bonnie to soothe my soul. Released via the ever-brilliant Sports Day, ‘Stereo’ is a reverb-drenched slice of sunshine. Calming and tender, ‘Stereo’ swirls around your head, it’s soft guitar strums shimmering lazily around the beautiful vocals, embracing you from every angle.

Spring King – Us Vs Them

A new single from recently announced new album A Better Life, Spring King come back swinging. A reflection on the passing of time, Spring King are clearly aiming for loftier heights with this supremely slick and catchy new track, with it’s shout-along choruses and crunching guitars. A confident step forward for Spring King.

The Internet – Come Over

A slinking new cut from new The Internet album Hive Mind. With Syd’s smooth vocal taking centre stage, the group keeps the production to a minimum, with a gut-shaking bassline the only constant. Steve Lacy’s choppy guitar dips in and out, before delivering a luxurious solo to see the track out.

The Goon Sax – She Knows

Bristling lo-fi guitar pop from Australia’s The Goon Sax. Since their debut album, recorded when the trio were just 17, the band have grown musically, although their fuller sound is still laced with the razor-sharp guitars and angst-ridden lyrics that made them stand out in the first instance. An exciting peek at what their second album We’re Not Talking will sound like.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Hunnybee

UMO have treated us to a video of their supremely funky track ‘Hunnybee’, which came off previous album Sex & Food earlier this year. The signature silky vocals dance alongside a constantly moving bassline and choppy strings, whilst the guitar solo is a squealing, fizzing piece of pure shredding.

Check back next week for more of our favourite tracks