Photo by Michelle Homonylo

Something something something it’s hot something something Love Island something something something something it’s coming home. Listen to our fave new songs:

Charli XCX – Focus

A low key, yet obscenely fun song from the best pop star in the game right now. ‘Focus’ features the icy synth stabs synonymous with PC Music with with a garage vibe at times, whilst the massive hook that the track centres around will probably never leave my head.

Mitski – Nobody

‘My god I’m so lonely’ sighs Mitski wearily as ‘Nobody’’s first piano stabs drift in. The track’s slower beginning is uplifted as it glides forward by glitzy disco drums that, when combined with her soft lamentations, give the song the feel of an ABBA track.

Dilly Dally – I Feel Free

A complete 180 for Dilly Dally. The Toronto grunge back are back with a song that is, well, decidedly not grunge. Instead, ‘I Feel Free’ is an atmospheric, driving piece of celestial rock that wouldn’t find itself out of place in a stadium. The band’s trademark gritty vocals remain, but there’s a expansiveness to the track which we haven’t heard from Dilly Dally before.

San Mei – Wonder

A fizzing mix of dream and psyche in the vein of Spring King or Unknown Mortal Orchestra. The commanding bassline drives ‘Wonder’, but it’s when the track explodes into the chorus that it’ll really grab hold of you.

Benjamin Spike Saunders – Long Friend

A wonderfully touching and brilliantly honest song from Bristol’s Benjamin Spike Saunders that we premiered last week. If you haven’t already listened to it, do it right this second.

J F L E – Problems

A spacey, dark, hip-hop-influenced piece of electronica from J F L E. The tracks punching bass is balanced by the dancing synths, and J F L E’s vulnerable vocals. An interesting, yet catchy effort.

Oscar – 1Up (feat Sarah Bonito)

If Oscar won our hearts with his brand of off-kilter guitar pop, it seems like he’s aiming to stay there by ditching the guitar and going straight to the source, and I am 100% behind this decision. ‘1UP’ see’s Oscar compare his love to a video game over glitching video game samples, with a featured verse from Sarah Bonito. What is there not to love?

Mulvey’s Medicine – Heavy Steppin’

Hoooweee this goes nicely with the hot weather. Mulvey’s Medicine is the first band to come out of recently created Riviera Sun Records, and ‘Heavy Steppin’’ is a breezy, catchy piece of jazzy fun. Featuring an infectiously upbeat rhythm, the virtuosic horns and guitars are impressive, whilst the organ stabs give it a deliciously retro feel.

Skirts – Dream Girl

This is off Skirts’ debut album Almost Touching, and although you should go listen to the whole thing immediately, if you have to listen to just one track, let yourself be absorbed in ‘Dream Girl’. It’s simple piano melody hides the song’s depth, with the wonderful vocals, almost hidden from earshot, tenderly taking you elsewhere.

Orbury Common – Ecto’s Chasm

Bustling, bubbling electronica. Beginning with some playful, aquatic sounding production, the track gradually starts to expand and fill the space. It grows in this manner throughout, incorporating several impressively different sections in its reasonably short time, with even a fuzzy, lo-fi guitar line drifting in at one point. A brilliantly eclectic track that feels far longer than it’s four minutes.

Drake – Summer Games

Look, the new Drake album is long. I get it. There’s no need for a double album, and there is no way anyone is going to have enough time to listen to it. But don’t worry, I’ve gone and already done the dirty work, and I reckon ‘Summer Games’ is the one you should go listen to. It’s soft 80’s synths and tribal drumming give the song a psychedelic feel, whilst Drake murmurs over the top. A blissed out bit of heartbreak from Dizzy.

Come back next week for more new music