Photo by Neelam Khan Vela

You’ve got to hold and give but do it at the right time, you can be slow or fast but you must get to the line, they’ll always hit you and hurt you, defend and attack, there’s only one way to beat them, get round the back, catch me if you can, cause I’m the England man, and what you’re looking at is the master plan, we ain’t no hooligans, this ain’t a football song, three lions on my chest, I know we can’t go wrong:

Her’s – Harvey

A glitching new jam from Her’s, off their upcoming debut album. With dreamy bubblegum guitars and skittering beats, ‘Harvey’ is a charming addition to the two-piece’s catalogue. Oh and it’s about a six foot three-and-a-half invisible rabbit, so yeah you know it’s good.

Cagework – Good Ideas

An energetic, dusty piece of lo-fi guitar pop from London’s Cagework. ‘Good Idea’’s frenetic guitar and spat vocals come at you straight away, never letting up; but at points, especially during the outro, there is something wonderfully calming about the track.

Brockhampton – 1999 WILDFIRE

The first recorded peek at the new look Brockhampton. After the turmoil that has surrounded the group over the last few months, no one expected the members to come back this quickly, let alone with something this good. Not as introverted and revealing as the cut they played on Conan, ‘1999 WILDFIRE’ still shows a maturity and resolution to the band.

Thee MVPs – American Dreamin’

Compared to their usual 100mph riffing, ‘American Dreamin’’ is a positively chill affair for Leeds garage-rock band Thee MPVs. The crunching lo-fi guitars evoke driving down endless an highway, with the track paying homage to rock greats with its chaotic MC5s-style punk.

Self Esteem – Wrestling

A buzzing, pulsating piece of pop from Rebecca Taylor’s new project. With constantly humming synths and heavy, almost tribal drumming, ‘Wrestling’ is powerful even before Rebecca’s vocals come in, but when they do, it takes the track to a whole new level.

Langkamer – Henry Creek

We’ve been excited as shit to hear the debut record from Bristol’s Langkamer, and new single ‘Henry Creek’ is only making us more excited. A dreamy wistful number, the chiming guitars are matched by the laidback vocal and soaring violin that seeps in at the end. A song perfectly matched to this heatwave.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Cornflake

Despite having the worst band name I have heard for a while, this new track from Aussie psych band (obviously) Psychedelic Porn Crumpets absolutely slays. Seriously, how could you not listen to that opening riff and not have your head fully blown off? It pretty much assaults you from the first second in, and I love it.

Lil Yachty – Who Want the Smoke? (Feat. Cardi B and Offset)

An absolute banger from three of traps most important players. Over the sparse, menacing beat, with its ice cold synth line, the trio all bring their disparate vibes. Yachty sounds more fun than he has in a while, whilst Cardi B continues her path to domination.

New Order – World In Motion

How are we in a semi?

Come back next week for more new music, unless England actually win the world cup.