Now The Best World Cup Probably You’ll Ever See is officially over, you’ll need something to do before Love Island begins everyday. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back:

Exam Season – Strawberry Milk

Chiming emo-influenced guitars introduce the first new Exam Season song that has touched my ears in what seems like forever, and let me tell you, they feel wonderful. Combining the emotional honesty and lyrical quirks that made me fall in love with the band to start with, ‘Strawberry Milk’ shows even better lyrical depth and songwriting. A wonderful listen.

Bad Sounds – Couldn’t Give it Away

A subtle, yet supremely funky new track off Bad Sounds’ debut album Get Better. With looping samples and razor-sharp drums locking into a tight groove, the melancholic vocals half-mumble over the top till the euphoric chorus breaks through. A different side to Bad Sounds.

Swimming Girls – Asking for It

Swimming Girls take yet another step towards pop domination. On their cleanest cut yet, the Bristol four-piece fine-tune their shimmering indie-pop, overlaying pulsating synths and serving up a hook so big it could catch a blue whale. Brilliantly breezy 80’s-influenced pop.

The Internet – La Di Da

A smooth, funky new taste of The Internet – but did you expect anything else? Over a meandering bassline and choppy guitars, Syd’s rich vocals reel you in, before dueting brilliantly with Steve Lacey during the chorus. The kind of song you should listen to with sunglasses on.

Beak> – Brean Down

A hypnotically dark new song from Bristol’s Beak>. The song’s subtle synths and shimmering guitars create bubbling layers in the track which feel like they are slowly closing in on you, the sense of claustrophobia growing greater with every verse, until the track finally closes up, trapping you inside.

Petal – Magic Gone

A beautiful new song from Petal detailing that part of a relationship breakdown where the other person seems so so distant. With twinkling guitars and tender vocals, the song builds and builds before suddenly disappearing. Well worth several listens.

Childcare – Magazines

A blistering new single from Childcare. Beginning with a looping, layered vocal harmony, the song questions where it all went wrong for the subject, before screeching guitars take control, exploding the track outwards and into oblivion.

Langkamer – The Earthquake

This dusty, country-infused little number was premiered on Thursday, but if you missed it you should 100% listen to it right now instead.

Check back next week for more great new music.