Photo by Dan Hipkin

Check out some of our favourite new songs below:

Honey Moon – (Why Do You Think You’re So) Special?

Just listen. That bassline. It’s good isn’t it? And that’s only the first bit. ‘(Why Do You Think You’re So) Special?’ by London’s Honey Moon is a wonderful, smooth piece of pop, full of wonderful harmonies, horns, and yes, that delightful bassline. It’s a wonderfully warm, dreamy, charming number, perfect for singing into the mirror at home.

Ead Wood & The Heights– Ignored

A dreamy slice of wistful psych from Bristol’s Ead Wood & The Heights. Chiming guitars dance over the introspective, melancholic lyrics about not going out for so long that ‘my skin has turned green’. A kaleidoscopic painting of not wanting to leave the house.

Chance The Rapper – I Might Need Security

Chance the Rapper release four new songs this week. Four. And yeah, they’re all brilliant, but I’m picking this one because: A) only Chance The Rapper could make a song built around Jamie Foxx’s ‘Fuck You’ and it still be a joyous summer jam and B) because Chano is at the most politically potent he’s possibly ever been. It’s shows his versatility and depth as an artist and that, more importantly, he’s still growing.


A glitching, absorbing audio-visual project from AZADI.mp3. The track blends influences, with warped vocal samples clashing with booming, sparse bass hits and scattered hi-hats. Never settling and keeping you constantly on edge, the songs title seems seems like a smirking joke; the question can’t be answered because AZADI.mp3 can’t be nailed down with a label, and with the eclectic but perfectly matched elements she’s pulled in on the track, it feels like an unstoppable – and limitless – project.

Trust Fund – Abundant

Sadly, one of our favourite ever Bristol acts Trust Fund has decided to call it a day, but in ‘Abundant’, and its James Hankins produced video, the project has finished on a perfect high note. The video finds Ellis trying to pass rock school, with brilliant references to past Trust Fund videos, as well as glimpses of Bristol landmarks (Rough Trade, The Old England and um, Games Workshop). As sad as it is to see Trust Fund go, ‘Abundant’ is the perfect way to say goodbye. Thanks Ellis for all the brilliant music over the last few years, and good luck in where-ever you end up next.

Dram – WWYD?

Another surprise release, from possibly the only rapper that sounds more happy than Chance. ‘WWYD’ asks what would you actually do with loads of money, and Dram correctly predicts that you wouldn’t invest it very wisely. Built round a brilliant piano line, it’s finds Dram rapping more than singing, but his soulful vocal still shines through.

Menace Beach – Crawl In Love

A fizzing, hypnotic new track from Menace Beach. Whirring synths lead the track, but it’s a huge, driving guitars that explode it outwards. A fuzzing garage-rock heat beats at the centre of the song, but it’s more colourful edges make it stand out. A stadium-sized new one from the two-piece.

Father – Lotto (Feat. ABRA)

Some dark, menacing hip hop from Awful Record’s head-honcho Father. Over an obscenely low bassline, ABRA immediately grabs your attention with her deadpan hook whilst Father’s laidback flow rumbles along with the track’s bassline, in a simple yet effective flow.

The Barr Brothers – Defibrillation (Live at Union Chapel)

After their Bristol show this Thursday, The Barr Brothers have shared this beautiful live version of ‘Defibrillation’. It’s an enveloping piece, capturing the emotional power the band have, with shimmering guitars and beautiful harmonies pushing the song to greater heights. A wonderful track.

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