Photo: Andrew Northrop


Doe – Heated

Brilliantly melodic punk from Doe. Off their new album Grow Into It, which is coming out on Big Scary Monsters, ‘Heated’ flits between delicate and biting, the haywire guitars and Nicola Leel’s soft yet passionate vocal pairing perfectly.

Kayla Painter – Keep Under Wraps

Dark, glitching techno-infused electronic from Bristol’s Kayla Painter. Built round a pounding bassdrum, the machine gun hi-hats and echoing screeches dart in and out, whilst what melody you are able to hold on too feels warped and unnerving. An enthralling, exciting listen.

Yama Warashi – Kofun No Uta

A galloping, looping new piece by Yama Warashi. The shifting rhythms hynotise and the impressive grooves act as the perfect bed for Yoshino Shigihara’s soothing vocals. Bringing their usual blend of influences, ‘Kofun No Uta’ puts Yama Warashi in a league of their own yet again.

IDLES – Samaritans

Taking aim at the disease of modern masculinity, IDLES push at us their most pummelling song yet from their upcoming album. Scratchy, dissonant guitars join Joe Talbot’s impassioned yell of “The mask of masculinity is a mask, a mask that’s wearing me”. Powerful, yet concise, it’s a track that shows exactly why they’re the best punk band in the world right now.

Charli XCX – Girls Night Out

Charli XCX is on one hell of a run right now. Adding to the slew of anthems she’s already released this summer, ‘Girls Night Out’ is a bouncing, weird slice of pop, detailing – surprise surprise – a girls night out. Somehow it manages to sound like a lost gem from the year 2002 and 3002 at the same time.

Blood Orange – Charcoal Baby

Something a bit rawer from Blood Orange. Stripping back the usual sheen, Blood Orange lets his fragile voice and intricate songwriting sweep you away, whilst managing to combine elements of funk, soul and modern production tricks.

Beverly Shrills – Like To Be Alone

Some dazzling psych-pop from Bristol’s Beverly Shrills. Bright synths and laid back guitars clash with the singer’s simple request to “be alone for a while”. With the kind of chorus that will spin around your head for days, Beverly Shrills are definitely a band to keep an eye on.

She Makes War – Devastate Me

Bristol’s She Makes War is back with a heavy, visceral new track. Off upcoming album Brace For Impact, the track’s driving, crunching guitars force their way forward, giving the song a grungy feel. The stadium sized-chorus is one of She Makes War’s best yet, and will surely get you excited for the new album.

Brockhampton – 1997 Diana

Kevin Abstract, Dom McLennon and Matt Champion trade bars on the most energetic taste of the new Brockhampton project we’ve been served up yet. Over a sped-up and pitched-up hook the three weave their verses in and out of each other, the trio’s chemistry bubbling over.

Pond – Burnt Out Star

An eight-minute epic from Aussie psych-kings Pond. It slowly builds, the dynamic vocals driving the ever shifting instrumental forward, layers dropping in and out, sparking synths and guitars swirling about before Pond’s trademark squelchy bassline drop in. A prog-psych masterpiece.

We’ll be sharing our favourite new songs next week as well, don’t worry.