Get stuck in to our favourite new songs:

Dilly Dally – Sober Motel

Dilly Dally continue expanding their sound with ‘a celebration of sobriety, in the midst of an industry that is anything but’. The guitars sound gritty and monstrous, with a blanket of reverb making every note sound huge. Combine this with Katie Monk’s thunderous vocals and the track is an epic, a sonic wall of noise.

Jamie Cruikshank – New Shoes

We premiered this on the site last week, so if you haven’t heard it yet, now’s your chance. A warm, nostalgia-tinged piece of folk, ‘New Shoes’ adds yet another beautiful song to Jamie Cruickshank’s quickly growing collection.

Mitski – Two Slow Dancers

A sparse ballard from Mitski. Ringing organ stabs are the main accompaniment to her tender voice, wonderfully drawing attention to her exquisite lyricism. Dazzling keys build the song up towards the end, making it it soar higher and higher.

Peach Club – Boy in a Band

Norwich four-piece band Peach Club are becoming very very good at spearing bullshit with their sharp, witty yet straight to the point punk. ‘Boy in a Band’ spews back the predatory crap that many women have to put up with at gigs thanks to the deluded feeling of power that being in a band gives some men. The sludgy guitars and gang-vocals give the track a sneering and vicious edge, putting extra power behind the important message.

Say Sue Me – Just Joking Around

Korean four-piece Say Sue Me deliver a dreamy, 90’s-indebted piece of indie rock. The slow, delicate beginnings break away, growing into a enveloping, thrilling instrumental of weaving guitars.

Adrianne Lenker – cradle

A new solo song from Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker. A slow, tender and sparse number, chiming guitar, twinkling piano and an ethereal backing vocal are all that accompany Lenker’s husky vocal. Chillingly beautiful, ‘cradle’ is an absorbing listen.

Amber Arcades – Where Did You Go

A dusky new number from Amber Arcades. A 50’s organ keeps the verses in tight check, giving the track an urgent feel, but the chorus flips this, drifting off on glacial guitars and Annelotte de Graaf’s enthralling vocals. Another exciting new track from the band.

Moses Sumney – Call-to-Arms

Off Moses Sumney’s far too short new project Black in Deep Red, 2014, ‘Call-to-Arms’ begins with the vocal acrobatics we’ve come to expect from the singer, before a dreamy bassline and rhythmic claps come and drag the song forward. It’s with no actual lyrics, it simply exhibits just how strong a musical force Sumney is, flitting from a stripped back guitar to full soul number in an instant. An impressive sonic exploration.

Come back next week for more of our favourite tracks.