Get into our favourite songs of the week below:

The Ornsteins – Bitter Gills

A looping dream-pop infused new single from Bristol’s The Ornsteins. With a metronomic beat and plunging bassline, the track feels like a midway point between trip-hop and shoegaze, with the earnest vocals providing a dream-like quality to the track. A song to get lost within.

Connan Mockasin – Con Con Was Impatient

A syrupy smooth new number from Connan Mockasin. Featuring those signature spaghetti guitars and his tender, delicate, but ever so slightly creepy falsetto, ‘Con Con Was Impatient’ is a delightfully subtle return from Connan.

Honey Moon – Yours, Girl

Another shimmering piece of guitar-pop from London’s Honey Moon. The melancholic, wistful tune has an echoing, classic quality to it, with the crooning vocals admitting “I don’t know, if I could ever be yours girl”.

Rina Sawayama – Cherry

A bubbling piece of sunshine pop from Rina Sawayama. With twinkling synths and its tropical rhythm, the track picks up on todays pop trends nicely, but Rina’s unique vocal delivery makes it stand out. The pumping chorus will likely get stuck in your head for days, and shows why Rina is one of pop’s most exciting prospects.

Zander Sharp – Settlements

We premiered this wonderful track from Bristol’s Zander Sharp last week, so give it a spin if you haven’t already. It’s woozy, warm tones will hypnotise you, whilst the soaring violin adds something a little bit different.

Raptor – Dynamite (Is Freedom)

Bristol’s Raptor impress again in this stomping, fuzzy new single. Released via Brighton’s Don’t Tell Anyone Records, the track is a glam-flavoured garage rock joy, that rides high on crunching guitars and a strong groove. Clocking in at just over two minutes, the track is short, sweet and fun as hell.

Kurt Vile – Loading Zones

A captivating acoustic odyssey from Kurt Vile. Dreamy as ever, ‘Loading Zones’ mixes his usual haziness and rambling delivery, making you feel like you’re on an endless road trip on a dusty American highway. The vocal experiments at the end also give the track an intriguing edge.

Drahla – Twelve Divisions of the Day

Leeds three-piece Drahla reveal their first new release on Captured Tracks. Seemingly lighter than the doom-laden sound of the debut EP, ‘Twelve Divisions of the Day’ quickly descends into unsettling, dark post-punk. The rumbling bass and discordant guitars vie for attention, whilst husky vocals simmer beneath.

Aretha Franklin – You Send Me

RIP to one of the greatest vocalists to have ever lived.

Check back in next week for some of our favourite new songs