Photo by Ben O’Connor

The Goon Sax – We Can’t Win

A tender outpouring from Australia’s The Goon Sax. The slowly strummed guitar and metronomic drum machine allow the duel vocalists to stun with their unfiltered, stream-of-consciousness vocals. It’s a brilliantly simple number which is made special by the group’s Los Campesinos-like lyrical turn.

Zelah – Wrap You Up

We’ve been wrapped up (GEDDIT!?) in Zelah’s pulsating brand of dark-pop for a while now, but ‘Wrap You Up’ may be their finest track to date. The spacey instrumentation billows around the strong vocals, crescendoing at the chorus perfectly.

Hovvdy – Easy

A thick, dreamy new number from Hovvdy. The dragging drum beat and twinkling guitars move the song slowly along, whilst the hazy vocals drift underneath creating a thoroughly hypnotic listen.

Doe – Labour Like I Do

On the strength of this, and Doe’s previous single ‘Heated’, Grow into It is shaping up to be one of the best albums of 2018. The track’s intertwining guitars and harmonies play into the band’s strengths in balancing punk noise with fragility. Written “like a stream of consciousness”, according to singer and guitarist Nicola Leel, the song is as fun as it is therapeutic.

Rhain – Time Traveller

A celestial, angelic new track from Rhain. Her impossibly versatile vocal dances over delicate piano, with constantly ticking percussion underpinning the track. When it breaks free of the tense percussion, it explodes outwards, with splashing cymbals and harmonies washing over you. A brilliant piece of alt-pop.

Bodega Sisters – Our Disco

A brilliantly fun new track from the latest Breakfast Records signing Bodega Sisters. A perfect mix of chorus-heavy late 80’s guitar pop like Prefab Sprout and carefree 90’s pop, ‘Our Disco’ is a hell of a lot of fun, with cascading synths and squelching bass creating a celestial plane for the deadpan vocals.

Pictures of Belgrade – Ode to Something

A woozy ballad from Pictures of Belgrade. The soft, twanging guitar is entrancing, whilst the vocals are as captivating as on every Pictures of Belgrade song – tender yet tense, a brittle falsetto that puts its hooks into your heart straight away.

King Krule – Biscuit Town

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably already heard this. But now the first track off King Krule’s 2017 album The OOZ has been given the video treatment, perfectly pairing his dark, rumbling melodies with a beautifully gritty visuals that could be straight out a crime drama.

We’ll have more of the best new music next week.