Credit: Sam Joyce

Check out our favourite tracks of the last week:

Vulgarians – Dead People Are Easier To Love

Pulsating, full throttle post-punk from Hull four-piece Vulgarians. Over squealing guitars and icy synths, the distressed vocals unravel the dark song topic, “that we don’t appreciate something or someone until they’re no longer present” according to the band. It’s a enthralling listen, with a jittery energy that never allows you to put yourself at ease. A bold step forward from Vulgarians.

Denzel Curry – VENGEANCE | VENGEANCE ft. Jpegmafia and ZillaKami

One of the most batshit cuts off a pretty batshit album gets a brilliantly fitting video. Through barb-wire snare hits and a menacing bassline, Denzel Curry delivers an 100mph verse, with both Jpegmafia and ZillaKami rising to the occasion, before the whole thing collapses in on a sweet, hazy soul sample. Unpredictable and fun as hell, Peggy sums the track up best in his verse, as he mutters “It’s nasty”.

Fenne Lily – Unfucktheworld

I’ve only just about recovered from the emotional rollercoaster of Fenne Lily’s brilliant debut album, and now she’s knocked me right back again with this stunning cover of Angel Olsens ‘Unfucktheworld’, recorded at Spotify’s studios. A perfect pairing, Fenne’s delicate vocal adds a certain fragility.

Ty Segall – I’m A Man

The ever prolific Ty Segall has announced a new album of covers, called Fudge Sandwich naturally, which will see the garage stalwart take on songs as varied as War’s ‘Low Rider’, The Grateful Dead’s ‘St. Stephen’ and even some Funkadelic. But to ease us in slowly, Ty has fuzzed-up a Spencer Davis Group classic, creating a pretty dirty, but ultimately faithful, version of the original.

Leathers – Snatch it Back

A short, sweet but undeniably catchy piece of garage-rock rock from two-piece Leathers, released via Bristol’s KM Records. Built around a simple, bluesy guitar and pounding drums, the simplicity of the song and the sparse recording gives space for the vocals to take control, giving this piece of dirty 60’s-style guitar stomp a lot of character.

Young Yosef – Bruce Lee

A bubbling, shiny piece of funk from Young Yosef, a Berlin band consisting of Hush Moss’ co-producer and band. The laid-back, intricate funk of the track is infectious, like Conan Mockasin in full party mode. A whole load of fun.

No Violet – She Goes Her Own Way

Another slice of No Violet’s upcoming EP ‘Faces’. For band that usually uses heavy grunge guitars to blow you away, ‘She Goes Her Own Way’ is a different beast entirely, featuring echo-laden, psychedelic guitar lines, before slowly ramping up into a heavy, claustrophobic crescendo. Dive into their debut EP this Friday.

Dilly Dally – Doom

A slow, menacing number from Dilly Dally that eventually bursts into the stadium-sized sludge that all singles off their new album have done so expertly. The rumbling bass of the intro gives way to razor sharp guitars, which catapult the track sky-high, with the usual snarling vocal melting into the crashing drums.

Willie J Healey – 666 Kill

A woozy, intimate new track from Willie J Healey. Despite the slightly threatening title, the track is an acoustic crooner, with ebbing electronics and his tender voice half whispering the snapshot-like lyrics. An intriguing return.

Magic Potion – Swoon

A driving, groove-laden new track from Magic Potion. The constantly snapping snares give the track has a relentless nature, at odds with the dreamy, drawled vocals. But as it builds up, the bassline drops into place and the drums finally loosen up. The pay-off is a brilliant hypnotic piece of fuzzy guitar-pop.

Check back for more tracks next week.