Photo credit: Luke Penny

Check out our favourite new songs:

Neurotic Fiction – Collateral

Haywire punk from Specialist Subject’s latest signing Neurotic Fiction. Slamming forward at 100mph (160kph metric fans), ‘Collateral’ switches from dreamy verses to the screamed shout of ‘Collateral!’ in seconds, carried forward by the hyperactive guitars and urgent vocals.

Only Girl – Release

Soft ‘n’ smooth R&B from Only Girl. Muted piano’s help to spotlight Only Girl’s fragile vocals before crisp drums and a subtle bassline gradually build. Still, it’s Only Girl’s beautifully rich voice that steals the show, dancing over the hip-hop infused production.

Petite Noir – Beach (feat. Danny Brown and Nukubi Nukubi)

A grand, pulsating return for Petit Noir, featuring two stellar guest appearances. The song’s atmospheric hook explodes out with throbbing bass stabs, before Danny Brown pulls the whole track down into his murky world with a machine-gun flow.

Charli XCX – Focus (Yaeji Remix)

Yaeji turns Charli XCX’s bouncing party anthem into a lowkey, minimal piece of house. Stripping the song back and turning the high energy vocals into a murmur, ‘Focus’ is flipped on its head, full of space to breathe and with a dark undertone.

Brockhampton – J’OUVERT

The best boyband since One Direction are back, once again proving why they’re one of the most exciting acts in the world right now. ‘J’OUVERT’ lays the foundation for the dark, menacing vibe of new album Iridescence, with a rumbling synth bass underpinning the rotating verses. Not as hook laden as their previous efforts, ‘J’OUVERT’ shows a band proving that they can do even more than you previously thought.

Connan Mockasin – Charlotte’s Thong

I mean, c’mon. This is a nine-minute long Connan Mockasin song called ‘Charlotte’s Thong’. You already know what this is about. It’s kinda weird, kinda sexy funk with oily guitar licks and a grooving bass. It’s nine minutes of Connan Mockasin.

Pip Blom – Come Home

Amsterdam’s Pip Blom is back with a rumbling, claustrophobic new song, that warps the artist’s usually breezy indie-pop through a post-punk filter. The ever-present bassline lays a bed whilst wiry guitars whine over Pip’s defiant vocals. Another corker from the quickly ascending artist.

Jimothy Lacoste – Fashion

Listen up sheeple, Jimothy’s back and he’s here to tell you how and why you’ve been doing it wrong all these years. Your current wardrobe? Bin it. After this smooth, shimmering slice of rap/R&B/fashion PSA, you’ll be dressing exclusively in nice cords and shirts and your life will be all the better for it.

Self-Esteem – Rollout

Dark, downtrodden pop from Self-Esteem. With commanding percussion pushing the track forward, Self-Esteem’s soft voice recalls a painful breakup, over instrumentation that mixes pop with instrumental flourishes. Never predictable or sitting still, ‘Rollout’ shows yet again how exciting Self-Esteem is.

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