New music for everyone:

Tamu Massif – Senses

It’s been a while since we’ve been graced with a Tamu Massif track, and ‘Senses’ doesn’t disappoint. Featuring sparse, skipping beats, Tamu’s fragile voice softly dances over the ethereal production, its glitching samples and soft synths cocooning the vocals.

Neurotic Fiction – Loose End

Another blisteringly good track off of the upcoming Neurotic Fiction album. Grainy and fuzzy, the track’s simple guitars stick out as the understated vocals nearly get swallowed up in the rumbling bassline. Brilliantly hypnotic sections of looping guitars lull you into a false sense of security before the yell of “Loose end!” shakes you back to reality. An absorbing piece of post-punk.

Twain – Young God (Gotta Lotta Feeling)

A beautiful, warm song from Twain. It’s track that blossoms slowly, turning from a delicate ballad into an enthralling piece of lo-fi fun. Dusty and dreamy, ‘Young God (Gotta Lotta Feeling)’ is worth sticking on repeat.

Jamila Woods – Giovanni

A rumbling, dark yet empowering new single from Jamila Woods. Her powerful voice is given a bassy mix of hip-hop and soul to drip over, dipping in and out of rapid flows and syrup smooth singing. A confident, vital return from the Chicagoan.

Girlpool – Where You Sink

Girlpool continue to flourish and grow on new song ‘Where You Sink’. Over scuzzy synths and rattling drums, the duo bring a melancholy with their low key vocals. The fuzz washes over you in waves, with shoegaze-like denseness, swirling around hypnotically.

Ider – Mirror

Telepathic pop duo Ider are back with the cool and spacious ‘Mirror’. With their trademark interweaving vocals, ‘Mirror’ builds upon their strengths, but then bursts outwards, with swelling synths and clattering production helping to make the chorus one of the biggest Ider have served us up yet.

Emily Breeze – Raining In My Heart

We got the pleasure of premiering this delightfully dark cover of Buddy Holly’s ‘Raining In My Heart’ earlier this week. It’s an echoing, gothic twist on the classic, with Breeze’s vocals sounding incredible yet cool and cold. Dig deep into it now if you haven’t already.

Chastity Belt – It’s Obvious.

One of the best cuts from their 2017 album I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone, it’s been worth waiting for ‘It’s Obvious’ to get the video treatment. The slow crunching guitars mix with deadpan vocals, allowing the track flip from glacial to grimey on a knife edge. Coupled with Claire Buss’ bizarre video, and it’s impossible to not be whisked away by the track.

Nancy – Teenage Fantasy

Bustling, washed-up pop from newcomer Nancy. Densely packed, ‘Teenage Fantasy’ is a technicolour dream from the off, smooth synths and spaghetti guitars all vying for attention. Like Jungle crossed with an explosion in a paint factory, ‘Teenage Fantasy’ is brilliantly weird pop.

Come back next week for more great new music.