Photo by Debbie Ellis

IT’S THE 50TH EVER TRACKS OF THE WEEK GUYS! Yes! The big 5-0! The Golden Jubilee! Half a century! It’s a bullseye! The percentage chance of flipping tails on a coin! The speed that the bus in the film Speed couldn’t go under (50mph)! The Brexit trigger article number! The number of cents that rapper Curtis Jackson has! The number of shades of grey! The atomic number of tin! The number after 49! Anyway, here’s some of my favourite tracks of this week:

Pond – 30000 Megatones

The second of two tracks that the Australian psyche band released this week, ‘30000 Megatones’ is a different beast than what the band has done previously, that it should put to bed any Tame Impala comparisons (despite being produced by Kevin Parker himself). The gigantic sounding synths build and build, but never break through, instead creating an expansive space for Nicholas Allbrook’s vocals to bounce around into.

Iyesaya – Bite

Carrying straight on from last year’s self-released EP ‘Back Home’, ‘Bite’ is the kind of introverted, self-exploratory bedroom pop that made Iyesaya so easy to fall in love with in the first place. “I want you, I need you/ to know I feel the same” he sings over wonderful cascading guitars, filling your ears with longing and hope.

Peaness – Same Place

‘Same Place’ is the kind of song that, from the first chiming, crispy, shiney chord, I get excited. It’s a delirious indie-punk bundle of fun that juxtaposes the band’s upbeat guitars with soft, intertwining vocals.

Father John Misty – Pure Comedy

It’ll surprise absolutely no one that the first cut off Father John’s new album is a long ballad lamenting human nature. But where ‘Bored in the USA’ had a tongue-in-cheek feel to it, ‘Pure Comedy’ is lacking exactly that. Father John Misty seems as unable as the rest of us to find humour in the shit show that society has turned into; ‘Pure Comedy’ though does offer catharsis in it’s confrontation of the darkness.

Rex Orange County – Best Friend

Anyone that listened to last year’s bcos u will never b free was left with no doubt that Rex Orange County was going to be big. His mix of carefree, breezy lo-fi pop coupled with soulful vocals make him the perfect popstar in the waiting. ‘Best Friend’ might be his best song yet; it’s catchy as hell, combining echoing, hopefull guitars with beautiful horns.

ANOHNI – Paradise

Linking up again with Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never, Anohni continues the incredible sound she created on her debut album. Full of skittering trap-infused hi-hats, dramatic synths and her unique, powerful vocals, Anohni stands firm as one of the most important artists around right now.

Tim Darcy – Still Waking Up

Another cut from the Ought frontman’s new project. Dispensing with his band’s angular sound, ‘Still Waking Up’ is a 60’s pop inspired ballad, reminiscent of Girls. It’s mournful, retro sound is easy on the ears, and the breezy, easy songwriting make me all the more excited for his debut.

Overcoats – Hold Me Close

NYC duo Overcoats show on new track ‘Hold Me Close’ how much harmonies can elevate a song. Although the production behind the track, including giant-sounding electronic drums and a pulsating bass, are great, it’s the interweaving voices that will hook you from the first second.

IDLES – Stendhal Syndrome

The third single off the Bristol punk band’s new album is yet another reason why IDLES are quickly rising to nationwide notoriety. A punishing celebration of art, and the ‘acceptance that all things you love might be a shitpile to your neighbour’, ‘Stendhal Syndrome’ sets the bar even higher for their debut album Brutalism.

Tamu Massif – Rare Candy

Time to make a little little revisit to Tamu’s single ‘Rare Candy’ which we first heard in November, but this time via his stunning new visuals that were created by Tamu himself. The beautiful stillness of his videos perfectly match the songs icy, calm tendrils.

Come back next week for more of our favourite songs.