Pic by Simon Holliday

This week is a week fro celebration. Its another week closer to summer.Your favourite music news outlet (Bristol Live Mag) turns five and is having a party. Southampton FC are playing in a cup final. So in that party spirit, here’s a list of songs that’ll get you dancing and rejoicing and whatever people do at parties:

Leeches – Regular

The second single from cheeky slackers Leeches is full of punch, fun and, importantly, riffs. The fuzzed guitars sound sharp, the song-writing is catchy as hell, and if you’re hairs don’t stand on end during the falsetto bit half way through, you’re probably dead inside. Make sure you get their debut EP ‘Strange Bonds’ on 3rd May (which I have definitely no vested interest in.)

Eric Sings – Close My Eyes

Since first appearing around a year ago, Eric Sings has become one of the most intriguing artists on the Bristol scene. With every release, his dark and introverted sound grows and solidifies, and ‘Close My Eyes’ is no different. It blossoms, incorporating swirling layers and delicate guitars that add to his ever-present acoustic strums. Eric continues to solidify himself as one of Bristol’s best kept secrets.

PWR BTTM – Big Beautiful Day

The garage-punk two piece are back with another glitter encrusted hit. Defiant, uplifting and chaotic, it’s everything that made the band’s first album so fantastic, but times 50. PWR BTTM will be releasing their second album very soon as well!

Wesley Gonzalez – Exhibition Song

We’ve only had little teases of what Wesley has been cooking up in his new project so far, but ‘Exhibition Song’ pushes the big 80’s pop sound he’s been exploring so far even further. Combining the soft horns with a big chorus, this new song sounds like Elvis Costello at his best.

Slonk – How To Digest Shards

Featuring a bumper cast of Bristol musicians, ‘How To Digest Shards’ finds Slonk emerging from the bedroom and filling out his sound with violins and live drums. It still however keeps the raw tender elements that make his music so heart wrenching. The combination of skittering guitars, violin and yelped vocals are reminiscent of ‘We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed’ era Los Campesinos! (basically the highest praise I can give).

Los Campesinos! – The Fall Of Home

Speaking of LC!,  here’s another newie from them. Compared to the punk whirlwinds that have been the band’s last two singles, ‘The Fall Of Home’ is introverted, calm and full of sorrow. Lead singer Gareth paints a picture of your crumbling home town beautifully; the rising house prices and the closing shops, the death of family friends and the rise of unfamiliar faces.

Shitkid – Sugar Town

Smirking and snarling, this new offering from Sweden’s Shitkid doesn’t give a fuck. With a razor sharp riff and an opening line of “Yeah I’m on my way, on my way to hell”, Shitkids spit-in-your-face punk seeps through the songs simple structure.

The Karma Repair Kit – Bite

One of the band’s most visceral songs in their live set list, I personally have been clawing at the curtains for ‘Bite’ to be recorded and released. On record, the noise is reigned in, allowing you to hear the schizophrenic guitars, the snarling vocal and freight-train bassline. Strap yourself in for the Bristol grunge outfit’s skull-crushing calling-card.

Hoops – Rules

‘Rules’ is exactly the kind of song I reckon a dolphin would write (stay with me here). It’s chorus laden guitars and merky vocals make it sound like it’s been recorded underwater for starters, but it’s the song’s bounding stride and enthusiastic guitar that really make me think that the song could be written by a dolphin. Fortunately though, the song was written by Hoops, and so us humans are blessed with it instead.

The Death of Pop – Like Always

Dorset’s premier purveyors of dreamy psyche have done it yet again on the immersive ‘Like Always’. With the shimmering guitars of Chapterhouse, but a tight disco bassline, ‘Like Always’ is yet another song in the arsenal of one of the most creative bands around right now.

Head back here for more tunes next week.