Photo by David García

I hope you all enjoyed this weekend, it being the first weekend that the sun has shown us what it looks like since August (spoiler: it’s big and yellow). It was probably also the first time you ate an ice cream in 2017; the first time you saw an old man with his top off in 2017; the first time you were forced to listen to someone in a park playing some questionable acoustic guitar covers in 2017. But what you should have been doing instead is sitting inside, curtains drawn, listening to these songs. But don’t worry you can listen to them now instead:

Perfume Genius – Slip Away

On last album Too Bright, Perfume Genius transformed from introverted piano balladeer to smouldering pop star. ‘Slip Away’ continues this expansion with its explosive guitars, skittering drums, layers of beautiful vocals and soaring chorus. There’s still elements of the off-kilter piano-led songs Perfume Genius is so fantastic at, but ‘Slip Away’ expands these motifs into a different universe altogether.

Adult Mom – Full Screen

Honest, intimate, but full of humour, ‘Full Screen’ is a welcome return for Adult Mom. Sounding fuller than the material from previous album Sometimes Bad Happens, ‘Full Screen’ doesn’t hold back, channeling angst through a wry smile.

Rex Orange County – Sunflower

Londoner Rex Orange County is quickly and assuredly building a reputation as one of pops most intriguing new artists. Mixing elements of soul, R&B and guitar-pop together into one beautiful, sun-kissed moment of pop-bliss, ‘Sunflower’ continues his march towards world domination.

W.H. Lung – Nothing Is

A slice of sunshine psychedelia, ‘Nothing Is’ starts from a few pulsating synth notes before building, expanding and shifting as different layers are added. It’s urgent, undulating and absorbing; when the track ends, you won’t even realise that it spans over 8 minutes.

Alimony Hustle – Miss GB

“I wish guitar arts wrote about more contemporary subject”, I hear you lament. Well, look no further than Alimony Hustle’s new single ‘Miss GB’, a song about Zara Holland being stripped of her Miss Great Britain title after canoodling with someone on UK reality TV show Love Island. I mean ok, I guess that did happen in 2016, but how relevant do you want it to be? Crunchy, fun and catchy as hell, this is a song you absolutely need in your life.

Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Part 4

It’s hard to know quite what to make of this track. Low-key and fairly straight forward instrumentally (well, for Kendrick), ‘The Heart Part 4’ seems to be acting as a opening statement for the prolific rapper’s next album. Whilst calling out Trump, probably Big Sean and possibly Drake, Kendrick gives the indication that his next album will more than up the ante in terms of tackling the hefty political topics he wrestled with on To Pimp A Butterfly. The track’s end with Kendrick earmarking 7th April. Guess we should all just hold tight till then.

Eyedress – Manilla Ice

A lo-fi, slinking take on the kind of dangerous R&B the Weeknd used to do so well. Eyedress continues his shape shifting sound, his soft voice buried underneath spaghetti guitar lines, half singing half rapping. It’s yet another exciting release from the musician.


Wavves – Animal

Every cut so far off the new Wavves record has been taken the band’s original fuzzy slacker sound and churned it through a load of interesting electronics. ‘Animal’ is no different. It’s glitchy guitars and layered samples and synths are almost reminiscent of Bristol’s Oliver Wilde. The sounds experimentalism is closer to some of the weirder sounds he nailed so successfully on King Of The Beach.

Future Islands – Cave

The bright, sunny weekend we all just enjoyed was fantastic, and those kinds of days, not too hot or cold, always transport me back a few years to the release of Future Island’s breakout album ‘Singles’. The album’s mix of warm bass, cold synths, and probably the fact it was released around a similar time in 2014, means I always have an urge to listen to it around this time of year. Luckily the band released ‘Cave’ this week, so I got to rinse that instead.

The Death of Pop – Pain is Needless

Another exciting new song from The Death of Pop. With the intricate rhythms and interweaving guitar lines of XTC, coupled with dreamy guitars and tight harmonies, the band are the best post-punk band the 80s never had. There’s a cascading guitar solo, pulsating beat and the kind of tempo that makes you get shit done,all making it an instant classic.

Check back for more of our favourite tracks next week