There is no need for an introduction this week. We all know that the Greatest Rapper Alive® is back. Let’s just get to it:

Kendrick Lamar – DNA

We all knew this was coming, and despite the mad internet conspiracy theories, King Kendrick only dropped DAMN. over the weekend. But what an album it is. Like all of his previous projects, to be able to truly assess it, the dust will have to settle, but currently, ‘DNA’ is the current stand out for me. It’s the most aggressive and self-assured Kendrick has been since ‘Backstreet Freestyle’, and with its heavy, unrelenting production, the track could sit well in a club setting as well.

Breakfast Muff – Baby Boomers

Despite what Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller may moan, there is still a healthy amount of political music in the UK. ‘Baby Boomers’ adds to the current wave of politicised punk and is a dark take down of, you guessed it, the baby boomers. “Sorry we’re fucked up, you made us this way” the song starts, not holding back any punches. The dark, choppy guitars build dread throughout the verses, before breaking down for the scrappy chorus.

Joey Fourr – Bath Tiem

Apart from the occasional track here and there, we haven’t heard much from Joey Fourr since the excellent To The Floorr album. ‘Bath Tiem’ shows off a different side to Joey. It’s less the bubblegum pop of previously, and instead is subtle, smouldering funk-pop. Fans of Blood Orange will most definitely be into this new evolution of Joey Fourr.

Mac DeMarco – On the Level

With it’s loping bassline and synth stabs, it’d be easy to mistake the this new Mac DeMarco single as a Tame Impala offcut. Sonically similar to some of the Salad Days tracks, it’s simple yet shimmering keyboard line will take root in you head for days. Mac’s vocals are even more withdrawn than usual as well, hiding behind the thriftshop keys and smokey drums to deliver a calm, relaxing melody.

Saudade Sisters – Wrong Ones

As first introductions go, this new Saudade Sisters track has got to be up there with the best. The duo’s voices intertwine over minimal instrumentation, creating a warm and calming vibe. There’s a acoustic guitar here, an organ there, but there’s also a whole lot of room for the gentle melodies to ring. The duo’s full EP, ‘Wrong Ones’, will be out 19th May via Sports Day Records.

Girlpool – It Gets More Blue

Continuing with the fuller sound the duo explored on their previous single, ‘It Gets More Blue’ is tender, dreamy indie-pop, but with a typically dark, melancholic heart. “I faked global warming just to get close to you” is a stand out line; both funny and sad at the same time, but containing the heart-wrenching desperation that underpins the whole song.

Sulky Boy – Drunk Dial

Dreamy from the off, ‘Drunk Dial’ by Brighton’s Sulky Boy is a lesson in lovelorn modern day romanticism. We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a few and called an old flame. The song’s honesty, almost painful, ‘Drunk Dial’ should speak to us all.

Fat Spirit – Easter

Well I guess there was no other weekend that recent Citrus City signees could have released their new track on really. A sludgy cut of punk, ‘Easter’ balances its chiming verses with it’s biting chorus perfectly. You can get the band’s entire new album Nihilist Blues now.

Flamingods – Mixed Blessings

If their last track took an expected turn into garage rock, ‘Mixed Blessings’ finds Flamingods back at their rhythmic best. That’s not to say however that this song is straight forward. Stripping away the layers of instrumentation, the song is lead by a squelching synths line, funky bass and splashing cymbals. It’s a riotous tropical party, and you’re invited.

The Black Lips – Squatting In Heaven

The fact that Atlanta ‘flower-punks’ Black Lips have even survived this long is a small miracle, so the fact that they are still churning out weird, dirty, unnerving garage cuts is pretty crazy. ‘Squatting In Heaven’ is led by a deranged trumpet, and features the spat-out, sneering vocals that the four-piece do so well. Black Lips definitely do not look like they’re slowing down.

Come back next week for more of our favourite tracks