It’s that time again, listen-to-the-best-new-music-o-clock. I know you set your alarm, so get listening:

Chaouche – I

After her fantastic single ‘I’ll Lose My Head’ from earlier this year, we’ve been dying to hear more from Bristol’s Chaouche and new single ‘I’ doesn’t disappoint. Following on from her earlier tracks, ‘I’ is awash with layered vocals, atmospheric pianos and soft, pulsating electronics. An immersive and breathtaking listen.

Bloody Knees – Maybe It’s Easy

Another crashing stumble back into the game from Bloody Knees. Possibly their cleanest and most radio-friendly track to date, ‘Maybe It’s Easy’ still burns bright, with fizzing guitars, a pummelling bass line and a huge chorus all to hang your hat on.

Sløtface – Backyard

Thank god for Sløtface, one of the most brilliantly energetic and positive punk bands around. ‘Backyard’ is about as fun as a song about ‘adventuring in our backyard’ can be. Starting off off at about 1000mph, it doesn’t slow down until the final crunching power chord.

Bully – Running

Nashville’s Bully show a far more vulnerable side to their heavy grunge sound on this new single. The quiet palm-muted guitars are mirrored by vocalist Alicia Bognanno’s delicate vocals, before exploding into the chorus with a shout of “I get anxious too!” ‘Running’ will get you more than excited about Bully’s new album.

Frank Ocean – Provider

Looks like our Frank is back to dropping exceptional offcuts again. A patchwork of verses, switching between scattergun rapping and his smooth singing, ‘Provider’ is no easy listen. Sharp 808 drums cut in and out, auto-tuned vocals provide harmonies, whilst snippets of pianos and guitars help to signal a transition to a new verse, but overall it is an intriguing listen.

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile – Over Everything

‘Over Everything’ is possibly the most relaxing song I have listened to all year. It feels like Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile are trying to out-chill each other over the dreamily strummed guitars, and I’m not sure who is more laid back tbh. But pay attention: both use the collaboration to up their lyrical game, creating a piece that you can delve back into time and time again.

Trudy and the Romance – Is There A Place I Can Go

Shimmering 50’s pop sensibilities with a darkness just beneath the surface, is Trudy and the Romance’s calling card really, but in ‘Is There A Place I Can Go’, the band have exceeded themselves. A classic pop-song, complete with wonderful backing vocals, but seemingly on the edge of collapse at any minute due to the wild lead vocals and fuzzy guitars. Heartbreak at it’s most unhinged.

Yung Lean – Red Bottom Sky

Yung Lean’s journey has been a long one, taking him from his highly aesthetic early singles, right through to his much darker work on more recent albums Warlord and Frost God. ‘Red Bottom Sky’ still features the icy, cloud-rap synths and auto-tuned vocals that made his sound so unique, but ‘Red Bottom Sky’ is a calming, blissed ballad. The soft keys and his relatively normal vocal delivery – for Yung Lean anyway – make the track one of the most accessible he has ever released.

Graceland – Flyway

Inspired by the migration of birds, this new song from East Anglia’s Graceland is a light and atmospheric, perfectly mixing the driving rhythms of post-punk with the layered beauty of dream-pop. The last few tendrils of the summer are contained within this song, so listen to it and savour the moment.

Check back for more of our favourite tracks.