Photo by High Hope Studio

It’s Monday, and literally the only thing that happens on Mondays are Tracks of the Week (probably). Listen to our favourites below:

Patchwork Guilt – Hello Sleep

‘Hello Sleep’ is a truly remarkable offering. From it’s slow shifting beginnings, the track’s tendrils reach out, with the psychedelic guitar lines weaving with the skittering drums, painting a colourful picture with sound. The vocals themselves, understated and calming, add to the layers wonderfully, a point of darkness to counter the technicolour.

Young Thug & Carnage – Liger

Young Thug is always best when he’s at his most outrageous. He last album Beautiful Thugger Girls’ country twangs were fun, but they lacked some of the oomph and bluster of him at his most energetic. ‘Liger’, one of the highlights off his new EP with producer Carnage, is bombastic and wild, with Thugger skipping through triplets, boasting about buying, obviously, a liger.

Weaves – Scream (feat Tanya Tagaq)

If you thought that Weaves collaborating with Canadian experimental artist Tanya Tagaq would make them a whole lot weirder, then you were absolutely correct. The track is unlike anything the band have made before, with their usually freeing guitars being flipped into menacing, disorienting abstract blasts of noise. Tanya Tagaq adds screams and growls to the composition, making it angry and powerful. A real curveball from the Toronto band.

Yung Lean – Hunting My Own Skin

After tackling many of his darker demons on his previous album, Yung Lean has traded in his dark soundscapes for something a lot lighter. ‘Hunting My Own Skin”s lightly bleeping beats combine beautifully with his auto-tuned vocals, creating a woozy, sky-kissing composition.

Angel Olsen – Special

After listening to ‘Special’ it is hard to believe that this is an off-cut. The track is off new album Phases, a collection of the songs that Angel Olsen decided not to include on any of her projects over the last seven years. It is however fantastic, and it is a mystery as to why it was culled in the first place.

Stevie Parker – Pillowtalk

We haven’t heard from Bristol’s Stevie Parker since her breakout debut album The Cure, so to keep you ticking over till her next release, she’s shared her cover of ex-1Der Zayn’s ‘Pillowtalk’. Scraping away the originals dramatic production, ‘Pillowtalk’ is turned into a tender ballad, showcasing her incredible vocals and bringing the track into her echo-laden world.

Gengahr – Carrion

A cinematic return for London four-piece Gengahr. Driving drums underscore the track’s wild, pulsating nature, with the guitars dipping in and out of madness. The track builds and expands, with lush layers weaving between each other, and is an excitement statement of intent for Gengahr’s new album.

HOLY – premonition / ◯ / it shines through

A three in one really this, with one song morphing into another, then another, with each as captivating as the previous one. Released on PNKSLM – who btw have literally never released anything less then outstanding – this track from Sweden’s HOLY is a brilliant psychedelic dream. The bright synths and driving drums captivate, whilst the slow move between songs will delight.

Shopping – The Hype

A funky post-punk number, much in the vain of New York no-wave, ‘The Hype’ is an exciting return for Shopping, the first single since the band’s 2015 album. With wiry guitars and a commanding bass taking centre stage, the song is surprisingly dancey, with irresistible disco hi-hats and a catchy, yelped chorus.

Document – Habit

Some fun, driving punk from Tel-Aviv four-piece Document. The heavy, fuzzy verses are reminiscent of Wavves or maybe even Bloody Knees, but it’s the light and breezy break-down that makes the track so enjoyable. Just when you think you’ve escaped the sludgy guitars, they come back in twice as heavy and twice as fun.

Check back next week for more of our favourite new songs.