As a warning, this week’s favourite track includes the first Christmas song of 2017. Yes, it’s here. Listen to that – and a load of other great songs – below:

The Dolce Vita – What Would Your Mother Say?

London’s finest party band are back, this time with a stomping ode to the walk of shame. Not the kind of guys to be put off by the thought of shuffling home after a Big Night Out, the band flip the act it on its head, turning it into what I am dubbing The Stride Of Pride. A shimmering, strutting, mix of psychedelia and 60’s pop, the track is infectious.

Sports Team – Stanton

A loose chaotic piece of post-punk from west London band Sports Team. Recalling bands like Television, the song song never stands still, it’s tempo constantly shifting, the intensity rising and falling. Tackling the boredom of suburban living, the song’s hook revolves around a shout of “I want to buy you a flip screen Motorola”. It’s unpredictable, ramshackle and brilliant.

Martha – The Winter Fuel Allowance Ineligibility Blues

After blessing us with one of the best albums of last year, we haven’t heard much from Durham punks Martha, so a new single from the band is wonderful news. ‘The Winter Fuel Allowance Ineligibility Blues’ is the kind of biting, honest, inventive punk that made us fall in love with the band in the first place, with lines like “You know I love you cos the heat is on when I come round” providing humorous relief to the bitter cold.

Rozelle – I Wanna See, I Wanna Know (Live)

We premiered this track last week on the site, and it has been in my head ever since. Capturing the energy and passion Bristol four-piece Rozelle give off live, the song is constantly shifting, moving from slow, hypnotic moments calm, to roof-raising gang-vocals.

W.H. Lung – Want

A squelching, pulsating new single from Manchester three-piece W.H. Lung. After a summer of blistering, hype-stirring festival slots, the band are back with their most catchy song yet. The clear synths – bleeping and bubbling – dance in the background, whilst the track’s driving bassline takes the initiative, propelling the song forward. A blissful, shimmering new single.

Fenne Lily – Three Oh Nine

The full band debut from Bristol’s Fenne Lily has been given a slick new video. Seemingly at odds with her haunting tones, the video shows Fenne destroying a mannequin with cold, ruthless precision. It’s a beautifully shot video, soundtracked by an even more beautiful song.

Happy Accidents – Wait It Out/A Better Plan

Punk trio Happy Accidents are back! Announcing the release of their new album (due for February), the band have shared two new songs, put together in one quick video. Both songs feature the band’s knack for writing angsty, catchy pop-punk tunes, though second song, ‘A Better Plan’, find drummer Phoebe taking lead vocal duty for the first time, something that the band have said makes the project feel completely new again.

Eastern Barbers – Blue Flakes

A dreamy, jazz-tinged new single from South London’s Eastern Barbers. The band try to document the changes happening around them, but instead of a grim, grey, noisy piece, ‘Blue Flakes’ is a dreamy, melancholic trip through nostalgia, remembering all the places that have been lost.

Girl Ray – (I Wish I Were Giving You A Gift) This Christmas

The first Christmas song of the year! Hooray! And it has all the hallmarks of a great Christmas song, including (but not limited to): Bells, sax, a choir, heartbreak and an unwieldy title. Combine all of these things, stick them through Girl Ray’s 60’s pop brains, and it looks like the festive season has kicked off with a bang.

There will be more new music next week, I promise.