Check our favourite new songs below:

Holiday Ghosts – Booksmart

A bristling western-inspired new track from Holiday Ghosts. With guitars straight out of the OK Corral and knife-sharp lyrics, ‘Booksmart’ is another evolution for a band who seem to be able to twist all kinds of disparate styles into something fresh and very much their own.

Adrianne Lenker – symbol

One of our favourite songs off Adrianne Lenker’s beautiful new album gets new video. The song’s calming, soothing nature is put alongside simple, wholesome images of families having a wonderful time at a funfair. Uplifting and tranquil.

Cousin Kula – Jelly Love

More wobbly, blissful psyche-pop from Bristol’s Cousin Kula. ‘Jelly Love’ floats along, its soft vocals, glistening synths and start-stop rhythms embracing you with colour. The track grows and grows, its subtle bass flourishes mixing with the rippling guitars as it expands to envelop your whole brain.

Confidence Man – Santa’s Comin’ Down The Chimney

Who knew that what we all really needed this festive season was a Confidence Man Christmas song, but here we are. As brilliantly silly and fun as everything else the band have done – but with added sleigh bells – ‘Santa’s Coming Down the Chimney’ is the only Christmas song that should be played on a night out.

The Malago Ballroom – 11 Years

Beautifully open, touching indie rock that has flecks of The National, early emo and everything in between. The twinkling guitar wrap around the bass, whilst thudding drums help to underscore the chorus, elevating it to sing-along levels.

Kalpa – What Will It Take?

Atmospheric indie-rock from Bristol/Bath newcomers Kalpa. Full of buzzing, wiry guitars, ‘What Will It Take?’ rises and rises, crashing cymbals and a soaring chorus driving forward at break-neck speed. Perfectly executed and exceptionally catchy, expect Kalpa to go far.

Hussy – Forever

Dark, hypnotic grunge from South London’s Hussy. The dreamy verse’s balance against the grimy, distorted choruses, like Dilly Dally but less tense. There are points of near psychedelia, beautifully sparse sections and washing guitar layers that verge on shoegaze – basically, ‘Forever’ has it all. Absolutely mesmerising.

Norman and the Conquerors – I’ve Been a Good Boy (Christmas Is Here)

More festive joy from Norman and the Conquerors (fka Tropic). A wonderfully lo-fi, charming piece, ‘I’ve Been a Good Boy (Christmas Is Here)’ features the usual (sleigh bells; toy piano; lyrics with the word Christmas in), but the deep soulful vocals add a haunting but warm quality to the tale of a pretty boozy Christmas eve.

INDIGOs – Rebirth

Bristol two-piece INDIGOs take another huge leap towards being our new favourite act. We were given the honour of premiering ‘Rebirth’ earlier this week and were blown away by its washing shoegaze guitars, dreamy harmonies and a sharp pop-edge. It’s brilliantly confident and a bright look into their future.

Family Jools – Don’t Know

Bristol outfit Family Jools treat us with their take on Northern Soul. ‘Don’t Know’ is full of fuzzy guitars and whirring organs, but stick a big twist on it through the sharp songwriting and production to avoid simply sounding like a rehash. A fun little number from the three-piece.

Come back next week for more tracks of the week.