Jenny Hval has made a hugely welcome return and gifted us a glorious taste of what’s to come from her new album with ‘Ashes to Ashes’. Blood Orange has dropped a new mixtape featuring the likes of Arca, Kelsey Lu, Porches, Gangsta Boo, and many more, and it’s as sublime as you might imagine. There’s also an incredible new track from Sampa The Great, and some local gems courtesy of Rapha Ghetti, My Octopus Mind, and Outhouse’s ‘101’ featuring Mercy’s Cartel. Oh, and the ever-earsplittingly brilliant Pharmakon has returned with beautiful swathes of abrasive, cathartic noise…it’s been a real good week.

Enjoy all that and so much more right here:

See you next week for more of the same!

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