Have a great time listening to our favourite new tracks, I’m sure you will:

Hannah Diamond – True

Glittering pop from one of PC Music’s finest. The track glides along via stabbing pianos, with Hannah Diamond’s ice-cold vocals giving the production another layer of frost. Whilst drums and percussion are basically non-existent, ‘True’ instead expertly hypnotises with lush textures and tones.

The Desert – Distract Me

Glitching, minimal electronica – with a hint of trip-hop – from Bristol’s The Desert. The track is sparsely populated, with the forlorn, delicate vocals the only constant for most the song. Piano trickles in and out out before the whole song nearly fades away altogether, leaving only a moody, dark instrumental to haunt you.

Fenne Lily – The Hand You Deal (Warpaint – TT Remix)

One of our favourite tracks off one of the best albums of this year gets given a beautiful, pulsating remix by Warpaint. Stripping away the soft guitars we usually associate with Fenne Lily, the remix instead throws in industrial samples and a menacing synth undertone, changing its mood entirely. A brilliant, exciting and fresh re-work.

Sir Babygirl – Haunted House

Glitching pop from one of our favourite new artists. A brilliantly angsty and agitated mix of bubbling production, tense vocals and unpredictable songwriting, ‘Haunted House’ is the sound of a terrible house party that only seems to get worse. Like Sir Babygirl themselves, the song drops you right into the stress of a packed room you don’t want to be in, with the soaring vocals and brilliant production perfectly recreating the scene.

Dilly Dally – Marijuana

One of the standout tracks from the Toronto band’s previous LP gets given a head-spinning new video. The track’s low-slung, thick-as-tar guitars mould around you before suddenly break halfway through, a glimmer of sunshine through the grey, before the crashing chorus comes collapsing back in on itself. Full of feedback and grungy fuzz, ‘Marijuana’ is Dilly Dally at their best.

Harvey Causon – London Stock

One of the city’s fastest rising talents is back again with another irresistible piece of smooth, minimal R&B. ‘London Stock’’s interweaving rhythms and delicate percussion perfectly compliments Harvey’s mellow, soulful vocals. Yet another huge step forward for the young artist on his path to world domination.

Preoccupations – Pontiac 87

A brilliantly dark, yet spacious cover of Protomartyr’s song ‘Pontiac 87’ by fellow post-punks Preoccupations. Preoccupations give the track a tension using a faster tempo and aggressive, motorik drums but counterbalance it by draping swirling synths over it, giving the song a mystical quality. The track is off a split 7” with Protomartyr, who return the favour by covering ‘Forbidden’.

Girlpool – Hire

Looking back at how far Girlpool have grown is breathtaking. From the fragile simplicity of their first album, the duo now find themselves here with ‘Hire’, a confident, lush piece of guitar pop. A band that have been allowed to grow and experiment, ‘Hire’ is the sound of them just hitting their full stride.

Come back next week for more new music.