Hello dear readers, it’s your humble News Editor, once again returning to gift you with the weeks’ finest new music as our New Music Editor frolics in cowboy jackets around Europe. Here’s what’s what:

Ead Wood – ‘Oceans’

Ead Wood & The Heights reach dreamy heights with their expansive effort ‘Oceans’. Sultry, flickering guitars weave amongst each other as Ed Soles’ punchdrunk vocal swims within the hazy atmosphere, hinting at something much anxious and complex within it’s impressionistic lyricism.

BDRMM – ‘C.U.’

A supremely fulfilling dose of winsome and evocative music from the five-piece. Sombre yet romanticised exultations effervesce into colossal noise as the guitars screech into overdrive with no intent on looking back to the past. A really resonating four minutes.

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard – ‘Double Denim Hop’

Pull on your finest Canadian tuxedo and join these Cardiff boys for a masterclass in glam rock proficiency. A timeless case of hedonistic pop rhythm with a cheeky wink to the gods Bolan and Bowie, Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard shed any inch of pretentiousness in the name of good ol’ fashion rock n’ roll.

Yama Warashi – ‘Jyomon Doki Doki’

An inspired play on a slither of Japanese pottery legend and an onomatopoeic sound for the racing of the heart, Yama Warashi’s new single is effortlessly unique in it’s direction. Texturally encompassing and perhaps one of the group’s most melodically compelling, the way the harmonies revel amongst the rhythm section is hypnotic.

Pizzagirl – ‘Body Part’

Pizzagirl continues to evolve into an enigmatic character with an impulse for big-hitting yet ominously lonely synth-pop. ‘Body Part’ is no different, a glitchy embodiment of social anxiety and modern-day mundanity, all fed with the charming yet foreboding breadth of our 80s idols.

White Room – ‘Shoot’

Purposefully provoking and instantly compelling, White Room provide us with their muscular new sound on ‘Shoot’. A sharp and unflinching turn,┬áJake Smallwood basks in the role as leader, embodying the band’s equally spontaneous musicianship with flamboyant exasperation.

Light Vibes – ‘Summer’s Night’

Light Vibes paint a surprisingly vivid image with their constantly moving ethereal pop. The Swedish pair aim for the atmospheric as they embrace the height of summer in a placid pool of fragmented drops of synth and gently cascading vocals, it’s a real kaleidoscopic ride.

Worst Place – ‘Square Eyes’

A tender and exploratory pop record, ‘Square Eyes’ is an honest and endearing new single from the four-piece. Sprawling melody envelopes the track as they delve into a world of living spontaneously with a certain someone, even if it is by just watching a bit of TV on a Sunday.

Satanic Ritual Abuse – I.L.Y

The origin project of Memorials of Distinction’s Josh Cohen, Satanic Ritual Abuse has been sat gathering dust for a few years now, and we’re lucky enough to hear the meticulous fruits of such work. Fragmented and foreboding, ‘I.L.Y’ is industrious and gyrating, a slowly emerging vortex of anxiety piercing through its minimal industrialism.