Tracks of the Week 135

Get listening to our favourite new music.

Tracks Of The Week // June 3rd

A roundup of our favourite new tracks from this week featuring the return of Jai Paul, Lynks Afrikka's second single, new Sleater-Kinney, and much more.

Tracks of the week 40

Specially curated to ease your Simple Things hangover.

Tracks of the Week 72

Find out which song have tickled our fancy this week.

Tracks of the Week 115

Got nothing to do this evening? Thought not. Get to know our favourite new songs instead.

Tracks of the Week // 18th February

It's time to get funky.

Tracks Of The Week // August 12th

Three incredible producers in their own right (BABii, Iglooghost and Kai Whiston) have teamed up and released their first track as Gloo and oh...

Tracks of the Week 018

28 April, 2016
Tracks of the week 50

Tracks of the Week 50

It's the 50th of our tracks of the week and to celebrate here's our favourite tracks of the week.

Tracks of the Week 83

If for some reason you had no internet last week, don't worry, we've put all the best new music in one place for you.