One hundred. 100. A hundred. That’s how many of these we’ve done now. Quite a lot that. Quite a few. When thinking of the best way to honour this achievement, I briefly considered trying to pick my 100 favourite songs from the 100 installments of this column, but then I realised how hard that would be as every song in here is a stone-cold classic. Also I realised how a date-based sorting system would have probably been more useful. Anyway, here’s the best tracks from this week (plus one added bonus):

Lazy Day – Weird Cool

If you hadn’t already guessed from the live session that we recorded earlier this week, we love Lazy Day. This new track, released via Art is Hard, is another absolute corker. Shimmering guitars bounce around, whilst Tilly’s husky vocal grips from beginning to end. Another great song from one of the most exciting bands in the UK right now.

Soccer Mommy – Cool

“I wanna be that cool” pines Soccer Mommy on this new tune from her upcoming album about, well, another girl that sounds pretty cool. Over scuzzy guitars, she details how “Mary has a heart of coal, she’ll break you down and eat you whole, I saw her do it after school, she’s an animal” in her soft, laid-back vocal. Another exciting cut off her upcoming album.

Abstract Typography – Charmed Ridge

The second track we’ve heard from Abstract Typography, and another lesson in brilliant, gritty guitar rock. With Pavement’s laid-back drawl and the brittleness of Parquet Courts are their loosest, Abstract Typography is onto a winning lo-fi combo.

Kate Stapley – These Planets

A beautiful, atmospheric new song from Bristol’s Kate Stapley, dedicated to all the women in her life. Its lyrics stride through the cosmos, pondering both the pain and magic of womanhood, discussing lessons learnt from her mother and “the witches who began this,
my ancestors were burnt in tar”. Combined with sweeping piano, and gentle guitar, ‘These Planets’ is an intelligent and otherworldly piece of music.

Nicholson Heal – Sullen Comfort

We gave this track its first airing last week, and I have not stopped listening to it since. The beautiful folk number grows and grows upon every listen, it’s deft horns and beautiful lyrics serving to pull at your heartstrings.

Bad Lungs – The DT’s

Visceral, squealing garage-psych from London five-piece Bad Lungs. Coming at you like a freight train, ‘The DT’s’ is a hell of a lot of fun, encompassing the wigged out guitars of King Gizzard and the full throttle carnage of Thee Oh Sees. Prepared to be riffed into oblivion.

Let’s Eat Grandma – Hot Pink

Teaming up with PC Music’s SOPHIE, weird-pop duo Let’s Eat Grandma take their sound to another level. The pair’s unnerving brand of pop is heightened thanks to the glitching, industrial production of SOPHIE, plus choruses shout of “Hot Pink” plays into the sensory overload of the production. If Let’s Eat Grandma continue down this path, we could be looking at a brilliantly experimental second album from the pair soon.

Hookworms – Each Time We Pass

Leeds psych band Hookworms released their third album this week and if you haven’t heard it yet let me tell you, it is brilliant. Full of glitching, soaring electronics, as well as their usual brand of motorik psych, the record’s intimate lyrics makes it a cut above. ‘Each Time We Pass’ is the latest single from the record, and is a less manic, more measured take on the albums sound. Dominated by twinkling synths, its a moment of calm.

Beverly Shrills – Woah

Some shifting, pop-psych from the brilliantly named Beverly Shrills. The Bristol band’s blend glittery synths and sharp guitars, create an ever-expanding universe of sound. ‘Woah’’s exquisite harmonies and catchy-yet-mind bending sonics make the six-piece a band to keep an eye on.

Drake – 0 To 100/The Catch Up

We go 0 to 100 real quick.