As the UK becomes ravaged by a bitterly cold wind from Siberia, as the snow falls down outside your window, as you huddle around a space heater trying to warm your frozen hands, why not stick this list of new music. Every track on here is fire:

The Death of Pop – 700 Spas

Dorset’s finest are back with a glittering new song that shakes off their shoegaze and dream-pop past to laser in on an infectious 80’s guitar pop sound. The wonderful harmonies and twinkling pianos brighten the track, whilst the stabs of guitars give the song an urgency and drive. Infectiously catchy.

Parquet Courts – Almost Had to Start a Fight/In and Out of Patience

The tightest, punchiest and most pop offering from the New York band yet. Thanks to Dangermouse’s on point production, this first song from the band’s new album is slick yet gritty, the song’s angry lyrics being spat alongside sharp guitars. Don’t worry though, the bands slacker charm is still very much there.

Sofia Härdig – Let Me Fall

A pulsating mix of post-punk and electro from Scandinavian artist Sofia Härdig. Razor sharp guitar lines mix with arpeggiated synths, whilst Sofia’s vocal echoes around in constantly shifting layers. New wave acts like New Order are certainly an influence on the track, but the sonic experimentation and intensity set it apart.

Our Girl – Our Girl

A engrossing new song from Our Girl – coincidently, the first song the band wrote together. The splashing drums and stadium sized guitars hit you like a crashing wave, boasting both tenderness and noise, whilst the subtle chorus embeds itself in your brain.

Superorganism – Reflections On The Screen

One of the acts we tipped to make their mark on 2018, Superorganism don’t disappoint on this new single. The single shows another shift from the band, away from the bubble-gum pop of their previous singles, into a sound that’s darker, but no less intriguing. The bright guitars and shimmering synths are still present, but the heavy, pulsating bass-line that forms the backbone sends it in a different direction. 

Confidence Man – Don’t You Know I’m In a Band

Ok so bare with me here, but this pulsating newie from Australia’s best new purveyors of party reminds me quite a lot of that song from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. You know the one. The “Chicka-chikaaaaa” one. Maybe it’s the deep voice. Maybe it’s the fact they actually say “Chicka-chikaaaaa”. But yeah, anyway, this song is a lot of fun.

Ratboys – GL

Ratboys’ album last year was hugely underrated, so as a little treat, the band released a new EP ‘GL’ containing for songs that were written around the same time as album GN. The title track of the new EP shows a grittier, more punk side to the band, but through Julia Steiner’s calm, fragile vocal the tenderness that made Ratboys so wonderful to start with shines though

Janelle Monáe – Make Me Feel

One of two songs that Janelle Monáe released this week, ‘Make Me Feel’ is undeniably indebted to Prince, but at the same time is wholly original and, obviously, brilliant. Choppy funk guitars mix with the squelchy bassline in a bare but bouncing instrumental, whilst Janelle’s soft but playful vocal is just brilliant. One of the best pop songs of the year so far.

Car Seat Headrest – Fallen Horses (Smash Mouth Cover)

Yeah. Car Seat Headrest. Doing a Smashmouth cover. It’s pretty good tbh.

Come back next week if you survive the snow.