Put on your best bathing suit and dive onto our favourite track from the past week:

Park Motive – In Movies

A house-infused new single from Bristol’s Park Motive. Recalling the mellow synths of artists like Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Yaeji, the track has enough of a rhythm to make you dance, but through its subtle vocals, it has a soft centre that you can dive into and fully explore. An intriguing mix.

Spectres – Welcoming the Flowers

Noise-agitators Spectres treat us to a visceral new video for ‘Welcoming The Flowers’, one of the many mind-blowing tracks off last year’s album Condition. The pummelling drums and squealing guitars let you know straight off the bat that this is indeed a Spectre’s song, but behind the audio assault, Joe Hatt’s murmured vocals allow for an unnerving calm. A reminder of just how fantastic the album is.

Cherry Glazerr – Juicy Socks

Only a year after last album Apocalipstick, Cherry Glazerr are back. ‘Juicy Socks’ feels richer and more expansive than the band have before, but loses none of the bite and character that made the last album so brilliant. “I don’t want nobody hurt, but I made an exception with him” Clementine Creevy casually sneers, before reassuring us on the chorus with a cry of “Don’t be nervous!”

Pema – Cry

Another pulsating piece of pop from Pema. The clash of joyous dancing synths and Pema’s frank admission of sadness creates a beautiful juxtaposition at the centre of the song, combing outer glitz with inner fragility like all the best pop does.

Pictures of Belgrade – Mould

A truly astounding piece of songwriting from Bristol’s Picture’s of Belgrade. Dark and intimate, the guitars rush towards you before fading as quickly as they come, whilst Chris Barrett’s voice has a fragility and openness to it that few ever reveal. The track comes off an album that Chris has been uploading onto Soundcloud track by track. It’s only going to be online for another week, so go listen to it now.

Janelle Monáe – Pynk

Janelle Monáe is unstoppable at the moment. This is one of two songs that the artist released this week, and is a bubbling, understated anthem. Collaborating with Grimes, the song is an ode to and celebration of vaginas – as if you hadn’t already guessed from the already iconic trousers in its video.

Our Girl – I Really Like It

Every single that Our Girl releases feels like another huge step forward. Whilst their last single was a huge piece of sweeping dream-pop, ‘I Really Like It’ condenses their sound back down, flipping between quiet verses and crunching choruses. Completely hypnotising, ‘I Really Like It’ adds yet another ambitious piece of guitar pop to the band’s growing arsenal.

Half Waif – Back in Brooklyn

Stripping away the usual bustling electronics, ‘Back in Brooklyn’ puts Half Waif’s mesmeric vocals front and centre, with only a twinkling piano for accompaniment. It shows the artist at her most exposed, revealing the depth of her songwriting.

Poisonous Birds – Little Puzzle

Bristol two-piece Poisonous Birds’ latest EP ‘Big Water’ is one of the most sonically impressive records to have come out of the city this year, so it’s extremely good news for us all that the kaleidoscopic ‘Little Puzzle’ has been given a beautiful video to accompany it. The glacial track perfectly fits the entrancing footage of flour being manipulated, whilst the soft electronics and echoing drums expand bit-by-bit till they fill your entire skull.

Come back next week for more of our favourite new music