Photo by Mona Cordes

Get some of the best new music in your ears right this second:

Miya Folick – Stock Image

Uh oh. I think it’s here. The Banger of The Summer. Pulsating and spacey, it may seem at first like ‘Stock Image’ may float off on its own soft synth stabs, but when the chorus hits, boy oh boy does it hit. An exciting first glimpse of Miya Folick’s debut LP.

St Vincent – Fast Slow Disco

Unfortunately, just before hearing this, I was informed of its similarity to Katy Perry’s ‘Hot and Cold’, and yes it shares the same 80’s tinged synth swells and pulsating bass, but ‘Fast Slow Disco’ is a hell of a lot more subtle and cool. It’s transcendental chorus might be one of St Vincent’s best yet and perfectly captures the ecstasy of the dance-floor.

Völuspa – Feel You

Echoing, fizzing dream-pop from Brooklyn’s Völuspa. The vocals drip into your ears, whilst the warmth from the expanding piano chords and percussion wrap around you, making you feel like you’re sinking into a pool of syrup.

Factory Seconds – The Sleepwalkers

Some energetic, shimmering guitar-pop from London’s Factory Seconds. With a delightfully New Wave synth lead, the driving song has the duo’s lead vocals weaving in and out of each other. The chiming, chorus laden guitars also swell, with layer upon dreamy layer enveloping you.

Our Girl – In My Head

A much darker side to Our Girl than we’ve seen before. With the imposing bassline and scratching guitars, ‘In MY HEad’ starts off dark, but bit by bit, Our Girl’s dreamier, more psychedelic tendencies shine through.As the two sides swirl around, Soph Nathan confides in her soulful voice “I get scared that other people haven’t seen in my head”.

Pork Pie – Dinner and Wine

Dark, gritty post punk from Pork Pie, the latest release from Bristol’s Breakfast Records. With a lo-fi edge, the band’s messy guitars switch from creating a sense of impending doom to boundless energy in a second, with the gravelly vocals giving a punch to the track.

GIVERS – Love Is Like A Fire

Some summer-ready guitar pop from GIVERS. The choppy guitar stabs and airy vocals have a tinge of Fleetwood Mac about them, but the bubbling synths and funk-infused bassline give it a wholly original feel. Carefree, fun pop.

Lokoy – Malibu (feat. girl in red)

The new solo project from Sløtface’s bassist. With clanking percussion, the track starts off darkly, but quickly unfurls, lush vocal harmonies creating a beautiful landscape. However, moments of discord and disharmony are never far away, meaning this off-kilter pop song will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Slift – Fearless Eye

We premiered this absolute rager earlier this week, and if you haven’t already heard it, expect to be blown away.

Fat Les – Vindaloo

Home is where the football is coming.

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