Have a listen to what we have had on repeat this week:

Heavy Lungs – Blood Brother

Punchy, visceral punk from Idles’ best pals Heavy Lungs. The pummelling bassline and scrappy guitars swirl around heavy with reverb, sounding like a faster, heavier Eagulls.  Danny Nedelko’s lead vocals growl, cracking with passion as she shouts “I love my blood brother!” Brimming with personality, ‘Blood Brother’ is a big step forward for Heavy Lungs.


Chaouche – Resolution

A chiming, ethereal piece of atmospheric pop from Chaouche – the first we’ve heard from the Bristol artist since her debut album. From the twinkling intro, the song glistens, with Chaouche’s impressive vocals dancing over skittering production.

Sir Babygirl – Flirting With Her

Sir Babygirl reveals more of their debut album Crush On Me. A scrappy mix punk guitars, a pulsating drum machines and bubbling keys, ‘Flirting With Her’ is the feelings of an intense crush mashed into a brilliantly eclectic pop package. Another fizzing anthem from one of 2018’s most exciting new artists.

Lynks Afrikka – Don’t Take it Personal

Up on the site last week, ‘Don’t Take it Personal’ is a dark, dirty piece of electro-pop from the creature known as Lynks Afrikka. ‘Don’t Take it Personal’ is funny yet relatable with full throttle production that will bounce around your head.

Mouse – 3 Weeks

Another track to premiere on the site this week, ‘3 Weeks’ puts Mouse in the conversation for being one of the best new pop acts in Bristol. The track’s glitzy production, Mouse’s captivating vocals and – most importantly – the incredibly catchy chorus makes ‘3 Weeks’ a song to be played on repeat.

La-Z-Eye – Since It All Fell Apart

Some smooth lounge-pop from Bristol crooner La-Z-Eye. With a bubbling synth bassline and muzak-style drums, ‘Since It All Fell Apart’ is an 80’s homage but with forward-thinking songwriting.

Post Yoga – Get Brain

The first single from Post Yoga’s intriguing new debut album Caught – released November 2nd on Bowl Cut Records. The baby of Bristol’s Chris Barrett – of Pictures of Belgrade and Something Anorak fame – Post Yoga is like listening to Casio keyboard presets but warped through Barrett’s brilliant songwriting. ‘Get Brain’’s syrupy keys and tender vocals are at the same time intimate and cosmic, creating a hypnotic piece of weird synth-pop.

Cruelty – Disgraced

Razor-sharp post-punk from Bristol’s newest outfit. Driven by an absolute whip-crack of a snare, ‘Disgraced’ kicks in hard from the first second and at no point lets up. It’s a claustrophobic, snarling two minutes, with looping guitars and barked vocals, and will leave you breathless just listening to it.

Magic Potion – Foamy Lace

Creamy goodness from Magic Potion. With it’s loose, lazy guitars and fuzzed out vocals, ‘Foamy Lace’ is a blissful dream, wrapping around you and giving you a hug. Almost makes me want those insufferably hot summer months back.

IdleGod – Devotion

Dreamy lo-fi pop from Bristol’s IdleGod. The second single off upcoming EP ‘0.5’, ‘Devotion’ glitches with scattered percussion whilst interweaving guitars form a web before exploding out, a sinewy guitar solo cutting through the echoing production. Some brilliantly dark guitar-pop.

Check back next week for more of our favourite new songs.