Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean. And some other music happened as well, listen below:

Fat White Family – Breaking into Aldi

For all their onstage antics, the songs that the Fat Whites have laid down on record so far have felt a bit light weight, taking more from The Velvet Underground or, like recent single ‘Whitest Boy At The Beech’, motorik post-punk than actual punk. ‘Breaking Into Aldi’ changes that and is as raucous as they come, with demented half tuned guitars, a sax solo reminiscent of X-Ray Spex’s ‘Oh Bondage! Up Yours!’ and a battle cry of a chorus.

Luxury Death – Radiator Face

A pretty strong debut single from Luxury Death, a girl/boy duo from Manchester. Kinda fuzzy, kinda slacker, but with sharp riffs and harmonies, ‘Radiator Face’ is tightly formed and lean. A perfect pop song for when you’re hungover.

The Magic Gang – All This Way

The Magic Gang have been slowly chugging away for the last year or so, plotting their route to the top of the indie boy band tree, and ‘All This Way’ is their big Cersei Lannister-esque push to the throne. It’s three and a half minutes of catchy as hell, breezy indie rock, and doesn’t need multiple listens to capture your heart.

Danny Brown – Pneumonia

Fresh from blowing some peoples tiny minds by revealing that his new album is called ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ and suggesting that, yes, rappers do actually listen to music that isn’t just rap music, Danny Brown serves up this minimal, threatening cut. With a beat full of clipping. style industrial percussion, and peppered with Schoolboy Q ad-libs, ‘Pneumonia’ points to Brown digging the dark depths he did on mixtape XXX.

Goth Babe – Dazed

Nashville’s Goth Babe makes bedroom music, but not the kind of Mac Demarco-lite bedroom pop that a lot of artists are guilty of. No, instead  Goth Babe creates an expansive mix between The Jesus and Mary Chain, Pixies and Iceage. ‘Dazed’ is the first track off his new EP Shall We, and if the track is anything to go by, it should be pretty special.

Exam Season – Cigarettes and Paracetamol

An offcut of Exam Season’s excellent debut EP ‘Mostly Homely’, ‘Cigarettes and Paracetamol’ sounds like Trust Fund slowed down 1000x. Beautifully open and honest, the only problem is the fact that it clocks in at a criminally short 1:33. All proceeds from the track are going to anti-racism and xenophobia organisations as well, so go get it.

Danny L Harle & Carly Rae Jepsen – Super Natural


When Jeppo releases a new single, I just want to shake the world awake and ask, why is everyone sleeping on this Queen of pop? I mean, seriously. She is bangers personified; her album ‘E-MO-TION’ is straight-up one of the best albums of all time and ‘Super Natural’ is the first new music from Jeppo since that precious gift. Produced by Danny L Harle of PC Music fame, his playful beats are the perfect backdrop to an artist who doesn’t take herself too seriously. It’s catchy as heck of course, and in true Jeppo form, unlike a lot of samey tunes in the pop world right now. Dig into this and finally appreciate Jeppo – the woman the world doesn’t deserve.

Banks – Mind Games

In the world of glitchy, outsider R&B it’s often hard to look past FKA Twigs. She seems to encompass the sound and image of dark modern pop, but once you dig deeper you realise that artists like Banks have been working away on music just as exciting for years. ‘Mind Games’ is the final single from her new album and shows that, not only can she write creepily sexy R&B, but that she can also write a huge emotional anthem as well.

Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing – The Great Disappointment

This is as dark, disorientating and brilliant as the name suggests. Opening with an apocalyptic drone, this eight-minute-monster grabs hold of you and drags you with it as it morphs, shifts and changes, each version more depraved than the last.

Frank Ocean – Blonde

He did it. He made an album


Check back next week for more hot tracks (and maybe more Frank)