Image by Özge Cöne

Yet another installment of yr favourite Tracks of the Week segment. Below are some huge shoe-in for late anthems of the summer, a pop song cover you never thought would get covered and the creepiest music video you’ve ever seen. Dig in:

Goss – Waterfall

I’ve spent a lot of the summer re-listening to that leaked Jai Paul record from a few years ago, but ‘Waterfall’, fills the void that the lack of proper Jai Paul output has left in my soul. ‘Waterfall’ is a bouncing, minimal R&B banger, filled with beautiful falsetto, glitchy keyboards and a big, big chorus.

Pumarosa – Honey

Pumarosa continue their rise to the top with this seemingly chill, but actually decidedly unchill song. “Oh you stupid son of a bitch”, singer Isabel’s vocal echoes, while crunchy yet distant guitars swirl in the background.

Dream Wife – Lolita

This is getting a re-mention due to it’s 100% creepy video. ‘You might wanna sleep with the lights on…’ the band’s Facebook post read. You’re damn right I do now, Dreamwife. If you haven’t heard this track off their debut EP 001 then prepare to fall in love with one of the band’s punky yet dreamy pop bangers.

Douglas Dare – Oh Father

About coming out to his father, this new track from the London-based singer songwriter is beautiful, touching and deeply personal. Dare said that “in many ways it feels difficult to share it so publicly but in another way it feels completely freeing and I’m grateful for that”. It’s glitchy drums and atmospheric, simple piano push his vocals to the front, and in doing so, let us focus on his raw emotion and wonderful lyrics.

Human People – Cancer

‘Cancer’ is a sloppy, swaggering pop-punk sprawl, that finds Human People singer Hayley Livingston apologising for her starsign being cancer, half seriously half sarcastically. Her drawl is infectious and the constant fight against the grunge guitar makes this the perfect song to listen to pissed off.

TOY – Fast Silver

Shedding their usual racks of effects, ‘Fast Silver’ starts off fairly simple for TOY. Sparse guitar chugs as eerie guitar lines twist in an out and, for once, the vocals are far more prominent and actually legible. This is probably the most Horrors-like we’ve heard the band, but it works well, exhibiting talented song writing beneath the usual gloss of reverb.

Drugdealer – Easy To Forget

An absolute breeze of a song. At some points like a children’s song in it’s pure simplicity and loveliness, but an underlying sense of sadness keeps it in check. Chuck in some extra help from Ariel Pink, and you’ve got yourself a beautifully meandering 60’s acoustic number.

The Big Moon – Beautiful Stranger

This new b-side has been a staple of The Big Moon’s sets for a while now. The more pop inclined of you will also have realised that the song is a Madonna cover. Yup, a big ole’ Madonna cover. If you haven’t already seen where I’m going with this, let me spell it out: It Is Fucking Great.

Bloodboy – Keep Your Disease

Part industrial grind, part rock banger, ‘Keep Your Disease’ is the kinda song you wanna listen to driving through a desert with your sports car roof down. Chocker full of crunching guitars, and underpinned by Bloodboy’s incredible voice, the song is an anthem in the making.

D.R.A.M – Cash Machine

I don’t know how he’s doing it, but D.R.A.M has spent the whole summer casually dropping the most carefree, joyous rap hits of the year. ‘Cash Machine’ takes a similarly simple and catchy piano line as ‘Broccoli’ for it’s beat, and, yet again, D.R.A.M provides a perfect mix of singing/raping in his instantly recognisable tone. If you don’t smile when you listen to this, then I’m 90% sure you’re dead inside.

Check back same time, same place for some more of our favourite tracks.