Photo Credit: Laure Noverraz

Hi everyone, how was your week? Guess what I did, let me tell you: I met this girl on Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday, we were making love by Wednesday and on Thursday & Friday & Saturday we chilled on Sunday! Anyway here’s a round up of the best tracks released this week (sorry):

Shamir – Tryna Survive

It barely feels like any time has passed since Shamir released his debut album Rachet and dance-floor banger ‘On the Regular’, but whaddayaknow, it’s been a whole year. A little more lo-key than most of his singles, ‘Tryna Survive’ is a one off song for a new film soundtrack, and is a sunshine slice of simple, wonderful pop that, for some reason, reminds me of 5ives ‘Get On Up’. Please don’t ask why.

Goat Girl – Country Sleaze

A dark, menacing debut from London teenage four-piece Goat Girl. The gritty dark guitars, driving bass and slurred vocals make the band sound like a mix between Savages and Parquet Courts. Plus, as they’ve just signed to Rough Trade, I don’t expect this’ll be the last time we hear from them.

Abattoir Blues – Sense

The first proper single from the Brighton band (although they have numerous Art is Hard releases to their name) is a slow burning, atmospheric outpour. Where early tracks relied on heavy, driving guitars, ‘Sense’ finds its power in the shimmering riffs and huge sounding drums. The loud, yelped vocals Harry Waugh are still the centre point though.

Will Joseph Cook – Sweet Dreamer

If Will Joseph Cook is the new king of indie pop (and he is), then ‘Sweet Dreamer’ is the song that will be played at his coronation after-party. His wistful vocal dances over muted and funky guitar lines before bursting into a stadium sized chorus. He also sings at one point ‘I got six deep into tarantulas’, which I can only assume is a reference to playing Pendulum’s d’n’b ANTHEM six times in a row, something to which we can all relate.

IDER – King Ruby

IDER could be the best pop band to come out this year. ‘King Ruby’ is only their third single, but it is a breezy, R&B tinged banger. Slinking along on to the sound of the duo’s vocals, the song almost makes it feel like summer hasn’t definitely, definitively, ended.

Stevie Parker – Blue

Another step towards chart domination for Stevie Parker with her second second single. More fleshed out than her debut, but with the same intensity, ‘Blue’ surges and builds, with its swelling instrumentation leaving a bed for Stevie to show us just what her quietly confident vocal is capable of.

Skinny Girl Diet – OKAY

Fresh off their new album Heavy Flow, ‘OKAY’ sets the tone for the rest of the record. It’s a song that gets heavier and heavier till eventually the guitar veers out of control, with screeched vocals, and grunge-tinged, wild abandon.

The Magic Gang – Only Waiting

Since their inception, The Magic Gang haven’t stood still. Switching from the garage rock of debut single ‘No Fun’ to a more refined sound on their first EP was a big move, but their new stuff is even more defined, and even more hook laden, than before. ‘Only Waiting’ is packed full of beautiful harmonies, shimmering guitars and a hook so big it could catch a blue whale.

Will Cookson – Worthing Beach

Bristol’s Will Cookson has created a sepia tinged, nostalgic folk hymn that’ll have you pining for every seaside holiday you ever went on. SImple plucked guitar and his quiet vocals paint a picture of a dreamy beach holiday, complete with ice creams, penny arcades and the ebb and flow of the ocean.

NxWorries – Lyk Dis

I have (and I assume you have as well) been waiting with baited breath for any new output from NxWorries aka Knxwledge and Anderson .Paak. ‘Lyk Dis’ is exactly what I (and I assume you) have been waiting for; Knxwledge’s smooth, hiphop production coupled with Anderson .Paak’s one of a kind vocal, mixing together into a breezy sex jam.

Come back soon plz! (or just next week for more songs).