Ah welcome, come on in. No, please, sit down. Get comfortable. What I’m about to show you is going to blow your mind. A list of songs so FRESH and GREAT that you will probably never be the same. Think I’m joking do you? Well, go on then, have a listen, I FUCKING DARE YA:

Joey Fourr – Never 4ever

Ever since the release of To The Floorr, it’s been impossible not to get hooked to Joey Fourr’s addictive blend of dream pop. ‘Never 4ever’ is a bit murkier than usual, with Joey’s vocals sitting deeper behind a veil of twinkling guitar and big stadium drums, but is no less fun and infectious than before. Also listen out for the HUGE 80’s rap drum riser.

Magic Potion – Jelly

Off one of the best albums of the the summer, ‘Jelly’ is as thick, joyous and sweet as its name suggests. Magic Potion hail from the cold of Sweden, but the band’s blissfully lo-fi guitars and soft, hazy vocals, are more likely to put you in mind of the warm Californian coast. Bedroom pop at its best.

Solange – Don’t Touch My Hair feat. Sampha

Yet another record to have jumped onto the 2016 Surprise Album Train, but this time Solange announced her new record before releasing it two days after, so at least gave us some notice. It’s a fantastic body of work, recalling similar albums from Jamila Woods and Blood Orange, full of subtle soul and jazz. ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ is a highlight, and the accompanying video gives a good case as to why Solange could be (and whisper it) the better Knowles sister.

Bon Iver – 8 (circle)

Now, I’m not a huge Bon Iver fan. I don’t fetishise about living in a wood cabin, only own one check shirt and am unable to grow a beard. All that aside, his new album is brilliant. Still very distinctly Bon Iver, but heavy with the experiences he’s gained from working with Kanye West and James Blake, it is easily his best yet imo. From the first few seconds of ‘8 (circle)‘’s swelling horns and isolated vocal, it’s easy to see why this is the pick of the bunch. Close your eyes and just be carried away.

Kero Kero Bonito – Trampoline

Pure. Pop. Banger. Not sure I really need to elaborate (but for anyone that really wants me too, ‘Trampoline’ has synths bouncier than it’s namesake and a chorus explaining how to use a trampoline that is both a) informative and b) catchy as fuck.)

Jagwar Ma – Slipping

Where the Aussie trio’s first album mixed psychedelia with dance beats, material off their newie seem to be shaping up to be straight dance anthems. ‘Slipping’ is no different, mixing ethereal synths with a pounding, infectious rhythm flecked, but with some very Britpop vocals for good measure.

Listen here

Bonzai – I Did

‘I Did’ mashes together hip-hop, r&b, 8-bit synths and industrial glitching into something that is unpredictable, intimate but detached, soft but aggressive, but ultimately great. As exploratory as it is catchy, there’s no point even trying to pin down this track.

Girlhood – My Boy

Mixing together soul, funk and early hiphop, ‘My Boy’ by London duo Girlhood is infectious. An outrageous sax solo sits side-by-side with soft keys and a bouncing bass rhythm. A beautifully chilled out anthem.

PSSY PWR – Cocaine Girls

From the first few seconds, and the name, I thought this was going to be a heavy, riot grrrl-infused, punk anthem. Instead ‘Cocaine Girls’ is a club banger, like the evil twin of the PC Music collective. Auto-tune and crushing bass dominate this brilliantly fun track.

Danny Brown – Really Doe feat. Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar and Earl Sweatshirt

Look at the names on this track. There is literally no way it’s not going to be absolute fire. Like, even if all of them had written their verses blind drunk and had to record them hungover onto a Pitbull instrumental, it’d still be better than most other songs. As it is though, all four come through with incredible verses over a schizophrenic beat.

Come back next week for more tracks, promise.