Due to internet related issues I, your humble Track King, your Weekly Navigator of New Music, your No. 1 Selector, was unable to give you my favourite tracks of last week. Don’t worry though, to make up for it I’ve added 2 weeks of them together. That’s 20 tracks. You could burn the whole thing on one CD. In fact, that’s like one half of a Now That’s What I Call Music comp. But this is about 10x better than even a whole NTWICM comp. I don’t know, just engorge yourself in music below:

Fenne Lily – Bud

Going to make a sweeping statement here: If you don’t at least little bit well up at ‘Bud’, I’m not sure you’re alive. Despite being only Fenne’s second track, ‘Bud’ is so captivating, so soul-baring and so atmospheric that it’s heart-wrenching lyrics feel as though written by someone much older. But her from beautifully soft, fragile voice it’s clear that Fenne has a lot lot more in store for us

The Lizards – Houdini

The debut single from the Birmingham band is a hypnotic four minutes of psychedelia flecked garage rock. Think Pond, or Toy if they accidently turned all their pedals off. The video is just as fun, dirty and cool.

Soft Hair – In Love

Unsurprisingly, the new project between Connan Mockasin and Sam Dust, is only getting weirder. Back again are the airy falsettos and sludgy synths; listening to the song sounds like listening to a Wham vinyl that has been warped out of shape.

Oliver Wilde – Good Kind of Froze

Oliver Wilde has slowly been carving out a very distinct sound for himself, but this new track, his first since his Long Hold Star An Infinite Abduction EP, shakes all that up. Less layered and dreamy than previous outputs, ‘Good Kind Of Froze’ features skipping samples, and dread inducing vocal melodies. It’s a bold new step from the multi-instrumentalist.

all boy/all girl – Pastels

With it’s skittering drums, strings and guitars alternating between melodic duties, and soft vocal, ‘Pastels’ sounds like it could be any slightly twee pop song, but the way it’s been put composed is like no other band. Truly inventive.

China Bowls – Wonder

Bristol’s China Bowls had her first EP released on the fantastic Saffron Records this week, and every song shows how deserving she is of it. Lo-fi soul and jazz weave a bed off which her vocal to soars, recalling artists like Corinne Bailey Rae but with a bit of smooth R&B mixed in.

Girl Ray – Trouble

Delightfully simple, with classic pop sensibilities, ‘Trouble’ is quite the opposite of its name. The beautiful three part harmonies and catchy bassline will make sure you’ll be whistling it for the rest of the day.

Arbes – Sun on My Back

This soft, meandering little number makes me yearn for summer a stupid amount. Out on Sports Day Records, ‘Sun on My Back’ takes you back only a few months, to a time of sun and fun. Also beneath all the hazy guitars, lies a wonderfully strong vocal performance.

Lice – Ted’s Dead

Off the post-punk band’s new demo’s EP, ‘Ted’s Dead’ is just as unhinged, manic and dark as the band’s infamous live shows. The trumpet’s scattered, wild playing is matched only by frontman Alistair’s similar approach to singing. They’ve set a high bar for every other new Bristol band.

Idles – Well Done

There are no half measures with Bristol’s Idles. ‘Well Done’ is a sarcastic, aggressive rallying against the bland, the uniform and Mary Berry. “I’D RATHER CUT MY NOSE OFF DESPITE MY FACE” shouts Joe Talbot over squealing guitars and a pounding bass. Idles are really setting their stall out as the most important punk band in the UK right now.

Let’s Kill Janice – Smile and Gesture

There are no other band in Bristol that do angsty garage rock quite like Let’s Kill Janice. Thick with fuzz, but with dreamy, catchy verses, the track is yet another reason their return is so magnificent.

NxWorries – Best One

NxWorries deal in smooth R&B jams, so when I say this is their smoothest yet, you know it’s seriously smooth. Like the fur of a fluffy dog, or a really nice blanket, the padded keys, funky guitar line and Anderson. Paaks one-of-a-kind voice are luxurious.

Leeches – Inside Voices

This is the first track from Dorset-dwelling Leeches, and if this is anything to go by, they are onto a winner. With the heavy, but spacey guitars of Bloody Knees, but coupled with a slacker snarl, ‘Inside Voices’ will lodge itself in your head becoming, you guessed it, your inside voice (not sorry for that terrible joke).

Ho99o9 – The Dope Dealerz

As well as possessing one of the best pieces of album artwork from this year, Ho9909’s new cut lets you know with a punch of bass that the duo are not taking their foot off the gas pedal at all. ‘The Dope Dealerz’ is less claustrophobic than their previous work though, more hip hop focussed and could legit be played in a club (if the club was in hell).

Swet Shop Boys – No Fly List

I’ve said it before, but there is no other hiphop act right now like Swet Shop Boys. Their coupling of unique samples, lyrics about the south east Asian experience in western society and the duelling vocals of Heems and Riz MC mean that whatever the trio lay down is fire. ‘No Fly List’ comes off their debut album, and is as serious and hard hitting as the beat is fun.

Death Team – Messed Up

A big old off key, wonky, catchy, bouncing outsider pop banger. Need I even mention that the duo in question are from a Scandinavian country, to be precise Sweden, with that description? The duo’s trap hi-hats and huge hook put them close in vibe to neighbouring Dane MØ, and with her success, the charts should be set firmly within the bands sights.

The Lemon Twigs – As Long As We’re Together

The two-piece glam rock fanatics continue to stomp in their platforms towards stardom with this latest cut off their new LP. The mournful, simple verses give way to a huge chorus as indebted to David Bowie as the lead singers mullet.

Sure Sure – Fat Lady

Another slice of dreamy pop from the four piece. If lounge music wasn’t cheesy, Sure Sure would be the kind of chilled, catchy band every hotel should have in its lobby, brightening up everyone’s day one sun kissed chorus at a time.

Wildhart – Shake Off

There’s very little about this song structurally that makes any sense. It seems to have the driving rhythms of dance, but recreated on primary school instruments. It suddenly drops to near silence right in the middle. It has a weird, Tame Impala-esque synth breakdown. But somehow mashed altogether these disparate influences create a fantastic piece of pop that rallies against the patriarchy.

Bruno Mars – 24K Gold

Ok, so I’m not actually sure what I think of this. It seems to be equal parts amazing and terrible. Like, it’s a bouncing fun club jam, full of vocoder and fun gang vocals, but at the same time is just terrible. I think it’s a classic. Maybe a trash one, but definitely still a classic.

(Also Bruno if you’re reading this, please can I be in your gang?)

Check back next week for more tracks I PROMISE.