Credit: Emanuele Bosman

I know you’re not here for my weekly pre-amble guys. You don’t have to humour me any longer. You’re just here for the bangers aren’t you. No it’s ok, I understand. Luckily I’ve got some for you below. Dive in:

Girl Ray – Where Am I Now

The new song from the London 3-piece has got me all excited about the band all over again. Their mix of beautiful harmonies, wonderfully crafted indie-pop and retro-tendencies make them one of the most exciting new bands around aright now. ‘Where Am I Now’ is a charming yet emotional journey, and will make you excited for the band’s next move.

Party Hardly – Friendly Feelings

This song’s about an alien love affair. Absorb that first. Then get listening, because Party Hardly’s chilled slacker-pop is not to be missed out on. File alongside the likes of Wolf Alice and the Magic Gang, and don’t be surprised if they blow up.

Check it out over on Dork now 

Nikolas Escudero – Sand

This latest release off cassette label Citrus City is a woozy, lo-fi charmer. Sounding like a stripped back Alex G, ‘Sand’ is the kind of song you want to wrap yourself up in when the world gets a bit too much.

Kevin Abstract – Empty

It feels very wrong to post a only one song from Kevin Abstract’s new album such is the power of the record as a whole. Definitely a late shoe-in for your album of the years list, it mixes Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean and Tyler, The Creator to create a masterpiece of emo rap. ‘Empty’ is just the first insight into an album that tackles what it means to be a gay American black man living in suburbia.

If I Die In Mississippi – Makeshift Parties

There is no label in the world that can find beautiful, lo-fi underground artists quite like Z-Tapes can, and If I Die In Mississippi slips very easily into their roster. The new album Artless is full of sparse organ-driven songs, that fall somewhere between a computer game menu screen music and the Twin Peaks soundtrack. ‘Makeshift Parties’ is a song that particularly stuck out for me, due to it’s cold, harmonised vocals.

Invincible Youth – The Pack feat. Quen

Not going to lie, usually acoustic guitars and rap is a terrible idea. I’m sure are there great songs out there that combine both, but unfortunately Ed Sheeran and every-twentysomething-white-man-at an-open-mic-night has ruined it for me. Invincible Youth’s team up with Quen has won me over though, with the looping guitars and Quen’s urgent vocal reminding me of Nujabes’ blissed beats.

Patchwork Guilt – Get To Rest

‘Get To Rest’ lives up to Patchwork Guilt’s name; it’s a woven cloth of influences, from the twangy surf guitars to the simple, motorik drums. The songs quiet confidence keeps it striding forward as it shifts and expands.

Sløtface – Empire Records

As you may have guessed by the name, ‘Empire Records’ is an ode to 90’s record stores, 90’s bands and generally just stuff from the 90’s. Unfortunately, there is no reference to The Beautiful South (the only 90’s band worth knowing), but apart from that it’s another punk barn-burner from the Norwegians.

The Big Moon – Formidable

It’s pretty great that the Big Moon have released one of the bands more ‘formidable’ live offerings (SEE WHAT I DID THERE). It’s a slow building, anthemic rock song that adds another level of hype in the run up to their debut.

Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like

The only way this can be described really is ‘sex funk’. Like, there is no way you can listen to this not song and not feel the need to thrust. It’s smooth, catchy as shit and is the perfect showcase of Bruno’s new badass personality.

Come back next week for new tracks.