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The BBC released their Sound Of 2017 today and, barring a few anomalies, it is very bad. There is no other way of looking at it. I don’t want to go slagging people off right now, as much as I really want to, because, unlike Liam Gallagher, I know this is neither the time, nor place. What I will say though, is the list of new music I have posted below is OBJECTIVELY better than BBC’s Sound of 2017. Check it:

Family Scraps – Mistakes

In between recording your favourite bands, MJ from Hookworms has also found time to start his Family Scraps solo project, kicking it off with ‘Mistakes’, released as part of Too Pure’s singles club. It takes parts of Hookworms overwhelming psychedelia, distills it and pours them into a tight, well crafted guitar pop song.

Eric Sings – Red Kisses (Glitch Pt II)

Slowly, right under our eyes, Eric Sings is developing into one of Bristol’s most exciting young artists. ‘Red Kisses (Glitch Pt II)’ might be his best song yet; it’s a dreamy, washed out take on his usual grunge influences. With his vocals buried deeper in the mix, you are allowed to be carried away by the chiming, smooth guitar.

Mannequin Pussy – Romantic

One of the standout tracks on the band’s new album, ‘Romantic’ shows off the group’s lighter and darker sides. The quiet, emotionally charged verses are juxtaposed with the high energy, grunge-influenced chorus to create a perfect storm.

FEHM – Circadian Life

One of Bristol’s Art is Hard’s new releases, FEHM are a reverb-drenched punk band from Leeds. Atmospheric, crushingly heavy and beautiful all at the same time, ‘Circadian Life’’s tone rich bassline will rumble through your soul.

Family Friends – Look The Other Way

This newie from Family Friends is so shiny and so uplifting that it feels like summer. Not just sounds it, but feels it. The shimmering guitar, smooth low-key vocal and fuzzy chorus make me want to put shorts and t-shirt on, except then I remember how cold it is ALL OF THE TIME. Still, we can all dream right?

The Courtneys – Silver Velvet

Yet another brilliant bunch of lo-fi indie slackers to come off Flying Nun. The Courtneys’ light, Alvvays stylings are likely to win your heart, and ‘Silver Velvet’’s catchy as shit chorus and driving rhythms are likely to win over your feet.

W.H Lung – Inspiration!

It’s obviously easier to lose yourself in a song that’s very long. For example, when listening to W.H Lung’s new track, I went AWOL for the full seven and a half minutes that it swirls around. The slowly building rhythms, driving drum beat and beautifully mystic vocals are all well and good, but it’s the tracks sense of urgency that causes you to lose track of time. You’ll have lost half a day to it before you realise.

The Proper Ornaments – Cremated (Blown Away)

One of the teasers in the run up to The Proper Ornaments’ brand new album, this song is brilliantly laid back, especially since the main theme is that the band wanna be, as you can guess, cremated. It’s washed out 60’s instrumentation makes the whole idea very pleasant tbh.

Human Bones – Salut Salem

I hope you’ve already listened to this to be honest, seeing as it premiered on our site this week, but if you haven’t then you definitely need to stick it on now. It’s the kind of blissed-out lo-fi we’ve come to expect not just from the Human Bones lads, but generally from the wider Breakfast Records family, and is a pleasure to listen to.

Sœur– No Fire

Not going to lie here, this also premiered on our site last week. I’m not being lazy, we just have great taste here at BLM, so again, if you haven’t already heard this, you have to now. It’s brash, in your face rock, heavy on the riffs and light on the number of fucks given.

Come back next week for a fresh dollop of new songs.