It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and as a reward for not opening up your advent calander and eating all the chocla, I have lined up a sweet list of the best songs to come out in the last week (so yeah, no different to usual). Just have a listen below:

Exam Season – Everything Is Salted Caramel

Dropping as part of Art Is Hard’s Pin Pal series, ‘Everything Is Salted Caramel’ picks up perfectly from where Exam Season’s ‘Mostly Homely’ EP left off. The big difference is that Exam Season have evolved their bedroom pop sound into lo-fi pop-punk brilliance . It’s sharp, dreamy, but packs a kick.

Pictish Trail – After Life

A mind-blending mix of psychedelia and 90’s dance, with a suitably immersive video from James Hankins, ‘After Life’ is probably the late addition that your new year’s playlist needed. With a killer bassline and tight electronic drums, there is no way you’re not going to be dancing to this during the first few hours of 2017.

Milo’s Planes – Insects

We previewed this one as part of the band’s new EP of the same name earlier this week, and it’s been ringing in my ears ever since. ‘Insects’ mix of Fugazi style hardcore and dub elements are an obvious evolution for the band.

Willie J Healey – Best Friend’s Sister

Willie J Healey is poised to smash 2017. 2016 has been pretty good for him, but 2017, that’s gonna be his shit. But as a final gift before he goes and dominates next year, Willie has been kind enough to drop a new EP, ‘Hello Big Moon’. ‘Best Friend’s Sister’, and bizarre video that accompanies it, is the best of the bunch.

Peluché – Swim

Swirling and echoing, ‘Swim’ is hard to grab hold of. In fact, the name ‘Swim’ is very fitting; listening to the track evokes the feeling of drifting downstream, the rivers current ever increasing. The vocals sit behind so much reverb the drums and bass instead provide the focal point, as do the rotating array of instruments that dive into the track. It’s a slow building psychedelic stunner.

Sure Sure – Caveman

Coming straight at you with a bunch of distorted drums, ‘Caveman’, on first impressions, feels like it’s going to be a lot heavier then it is. Instead, it’s a dream; pulling in beautiful harmonies, tribal drums and light instrumentation, mixing it all together, and ending up sounding like a mix between Mac Demarco and Vampire Weekend.

Jake Tittle – Different Language

It’s hard to pin down exactly what Jake Tittle was listening to when he wrote this track. There seems to be some old emo chucked in there, but the cascading synths and sampled drums are a step apart from that world. It has a singer/songwriter feel, but is distant from the one dimensional strumming of a man with only an acoustic guitar. Instead the song is in a sphere of it’s own; a glitching, swirling galaxy.

Little Simz – Shotgun feat. Syd

For all the hype around grime this year, Little Simz has been a little forgotten. But make no mistake: Little Simz is making some of the most forward thinking hip-hop music, not just in the UK, but in the world. ‘Shotgun’ perfectly mixes her unique flow, buzzing guitars and a big vocal hook from Syd that cements her cross-over.

Blood Orange – Better Than Me

You’ve probably already heard this, what with Freetown Sound easily being one of the best albums of the year, but it’s definitely worth bringing the track’s new visuals to attention. The video could have easily been plucked straight from an old 80’s VHS, the only glaring difference being the fact that Dev and Carly Rae Jepsen are in it. Watch below and remember why the album way so great.

Wham! – Last Christmas

Don’t need to explain this one really.

Check back in the 2017 for some fresh songs