In case you didn’t know it was the Grammy’s this week. Now, although none of the acts that made it into the list this week won big last night, being in this list is pretty much the same as getting a Grammy right? Yeah cool, listen to the bunch of winners that got into this week’s round up below:

Hunck – Little Woman

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from flamboyant Londoners Hunck and, by the sounds of it, in our time apart, they’ve been listening to a lot of disco. That much is obvious from ‘Little Woman’’s hip-gyrating bassline, though the addition of razor sharp guitars and a monster chorus give the track a Gang of Four, or maybe Franz Ferdinand, like edge.

Honey Gentry – Golden Heart

‘Golden Heart’ is the first proper offering from Honey Genty, and from its first dark, shimmering chord, this cinematic creation envelopes you. Her shimmering vocals sit between layers of 50’s guitars, simple drums and atmospheric piano stabs, sounding like a Bond theme from the 70’s. It’s both soft and hard, simple yet complex, and is an astoundingly fleshed out sound from the young artist.

Party Hardly – Jobs

Full of hooks, lemonade-sweet harmonies and just enough bite to make it interesting, ‘Jobs’ sets itself up as the Leeds boy’s anthem (with help from the end refrain where the band shout their own name). It’s yet another enticing single from the young band.

Oliver Wilde – You’re So Kool-Aid

With his third album coming out soon, Bristol’s Oliver Wilde has added glitching VHS visuals to single ‘You’re So Kool-Aid’. If you haven’t heard the song yet, this is your perfect second chance. It’s more concise and less hazy than previous offerings, but still features the lush layers of samples and instrumentation for the listener to unlock.

Marika Hackman – Boyfriend

Written as “payback for all those times I’ve been interrupted mid-snog by some seedy wanker asking to join in”, the first offering from Marika Hackman’s upcoming album is full of bite and scuzz, but is also dreamy, melodic and a lot of fun. The fact that The Big Moon helped out with recording may have something to do with this, but Marika’s brilliant lyrics and soaring vocals elevate it to another level.

Stevie Parker – Without You

Stevie Parker has shown on both previous singles and recent EP Blue, that she has a penchant for writing atmospheric, heartfelt and catchy anthems, but ‘Without You’ has taken that to another level. From the off, the descending piano line and tribal drums carry her breathy, emotion filled vocal, but it’s towards the tail end of track, where Stevie lets her impressive and soulful voice dance over the instrumentation, that the hairs really start to stand up on your neck.

Luxury Death – Listerine

Boyfriend/girlfriend duo Luxury Death have teased us with a handful of infectious singles since they announced themselves last year. ‘Infectious’ gives us a hint of what new EP Glue has in store, and finds the band more inverted and tender than normal. “A story of secrecy and oppression”, the duos voices melt together on this sparse garage rock ballad.

The Staves – Tired As Fuck

The folk trio return, using their beautiful, impeccable harmonies to express the tiredness and crushing reality that seems to be the entire world right now. Though written in the midst of a relationship breaking down, ‘Tired As Fuck’ seems relatable to near enough everything during this particularly cold and dark winter.

Sure Sure – This Must Be The Place

Sure Sure take a break from releasing effortlessly breezy guitar pop to cover one of the breeziest pieces of guitar pop in an even breezier fashion. If you can’t already tell, listening to the LA band’s Talking Heads cover is pretty great. They deviate just far enough from the original to make it their own, without getting rid of what made it great to start with.

Check back next week for another track round up