Photo by Lottie Turner

Warm up this terribly wet August with some hot hot new music. Listen below:

Ider – Learn To Let Go

Spectral, sparse and captivating, ‘Learn To Let Go’ is everything we have come to expect from Ider so far, but multiplied, expanded and pushed to its limits. The glittering beat layers slowly, the duo’s vocals providing the backbone for the first half of the track, before it finally takes off. Some beautifully calming pop.

Dream Wife – Fire

‘Fire’ should come with some sort of sharp parts warning because there is a genuine risk of cutting yourself by accident on the song’s riff (I’m only partially joking). An angsty anthem, it shows a more serious side to the band, as they look back on a chaotic night full of love, dancing and fire.

Honeymoons – Daze

Bournemouth’s Honeymoons show on this new single why they might be your favourite new band. Mixing some of Tame Impala’s calmer moments with floating, soft guitar pop, ‘Daze’ is an absolute dream. If there is at least one sunny day left of 2017, you’re going to want to put ‘Daze’ on repeat in order to throughly enjoy it.

Ardyn – Throwing Stones

Gloucester brother/sister duo Ardyn give us yet another one of their relentelessly catchy alt-pop hits, this time in the form of the pulsating ‘Throwing Stones’. With its expansive vocals and punchy synths, it is no wonder that Ardyn are catching so much heat at the moment, but behind the lush layers there is rebellion and simmering defiance, typified by vocalist Katy Pearson singing deceptively sweetly “I’ll keep throwing stones, I won’t do as I’m told till my voice finds a home”.

Dama Scout – Suzie Wong

London’s Dama Scout have shared a new video for their track ‘Suzie Wong’, the first track off their debut EP. The tracks guitars, both crunching and shimmering, are matched by the enthralling video, which features a cardboard cut out version of the band performing the song.


Recently signed to Frank Ocean collaborator Vegyn’s label, PLZ Make It Ruins, Pennsylvania’s ARTHUR delivers a wonderful, lo-fi bedroom pop hit. Part Alex G, part Trust Fund, the wonderfully produced ‘AB’ is about the act of having blood withdrawn, and through the pitched vocals and running bassline, the act is transformed into something special.

Worst Place – Dreamer

London’s Worst Place become the next members of Art Is Hard’s Postcard club with their fuzzy new single ‘Dreamer’. Combining shoegaze guitars with soothing, blissful vocals, ‘Dreamer’ is like looking up just as the clouds break to reveal the sun; it’s a beautiful ray of light, but with the hint of darkness on all sides.

George Glew – Me and My Brother

Bristolian George Glew gave us a taste of his potential a few months ago with his debut single ‘Bury Me’ and then wowed us with his three-date Gallimaufry residency. ‘Me and My Brother’ is the first track since he finished the residency, and shows a harsher side to his voice. The touching relationship he describes between him and his brother is given even more emotional weight as his voice cracks, whilst the biggest surprise comes with an auto-tuned, Bon Iver-esque chorus.

Brockhampton – Junky

I promise that there will be a break in putting Brockhampton tracks in our Tracks Of The Week after this week, but seriously, it’s not my fault. They’re just releasing the best music, week after week. Frankly it’s hard to keep up. ‘Junky’ might be the most personal, but most angry off new project Saturation 2, with Kevin Abstract lashing out at those who tell him to stop rapping about being gay and Ameer Vann opening up about his chemical habits.

Come back next week for more of the best new music.