Photo by Brendan George Kokomo

It is officially the end of summer. Yes, I know it’s still sunny. But I don’t make the rules. Anyway doing your late evening online winter coat shop along to our favourite tracks from the last week. Enjoy!

King Krule – Czech One

Though Peckham’s Archie Marshall has been solidly dropping material over the last few years, ‘Czech One’ is the first new music that we’ve heard under his King Krule moniker since his debut album 2013 6 Feet Beneath the Moon. The track is an atmospheric, jazz-laced piece of introspection, spacious and unpredictable, and it takes multiple listens to properly get your head around. However, the more you dig into ‘Czech One’, the more you can find.

The Dolce Vita – Sofa Bed

Back with one last sprinkle of summer sunshine, ‘Sofa Bed’ is a glittering, shimmering taste of guitar-pop from London’s The Dolce Vita. The track is off the London band’s debut EP ‘Brand New Bathroom’, a perfect collection of whimsical guitar-pop, but ‘Sofa Bed’, with its psych breakdown and ear worm of a chorus, may just be the best of the whole record.

Self Esteem – Your Wife

In her first track Slow Club’s Rebecca Taylor throws away most of her past musical endeavours, and instead crafts a pulsating, glitching pop hit. Ever since the more intricate production of Slow Club’s second album Paradise it felt only a matter of time before Rebecca would dive into a fully pop sound, though to the shifting, harsh production on ‘Your Wife’ makes it stand out from most glossy pop hits. A forward thinking, yet intensely catchy, step forward.

Van Zeller – The Coward

Bristol boys Van Zeller have been reasonably quiet since their huge homecoming show back at the Louisiana earlier this year, but with an even bigger homecoming show at Thekla on the cards on 29th September, the garage rock four-piece have dropped this blistering new cut. Written by the band’s singer in one evening, behind the haywire garage guitars he says the song is in fact a very personal one, trying to come to terms with the fragility of masculinity.

Corbin – Mourn

Yet another dark, passionate piece of alternative R&B from Minnesotan Corbin. His voice effortlessly glides over the trap beats and soft, ominous synths. The track also came with the announcement of his debut album on 5th September, something that many have been waiting for since the drop of his incredible debut mixtape Black Silk back in 2014.

Tropic – A Continuing Saga #3 (Deja Vu)

Brooding, dark and stilted, ‘A Continuing Saga #3 (Deja Vu)’ is an impressive first track from Bristol’s Tropic. One of three new tracks released by the band, it’s lo-fi guitar sound rattles with both Parquet Courts disjointed pauses, and pulsates with garage-rock fuzz. A local band really worth exploring.

Weaves – Walkaway

This second single from Weaves’ new album Wide Open has confirmed what previous single ‘#53’ suggested: that the band have dropped the haywire dramatics, instead honing their sound to heartfelt indie-rock anthems. Though you get the feeling the guitars could explode into manic soloing at any moment, their restrained playing, combined with the powerful vocals of Jasmyn Burke, create something truly special.

Holiday Ghost – Quiet Carriage

Anything but quiet, ‘Quiet Carriage’ further solidifies Holiday Ghosts’ position as one of the most exciting new bands around. The folksy, dusty blues of the guitars combine with the observational, funny lyrics that centre around, you guessed it, a quiet carriage on a train.

Siv Jakobsen – Berry & Whythe (Live at Urchin Studios)

A beautiful session version of the lead single from Siv Jakobsen’s debut album. The folk artist will be embarking on a co-headline tour of the UK with Fenne Lily, Sivu, and Paul Thomas Saunders later this year, which will something very special indeed.

Brockhampton – Sweet

With the release of their second album of this year last week, LA’s Brockhampton have done the impossible and actually bettered their fantastic album Saturation. ‘Sweet’ is the last single off the Saturation 2 has a hook and insane beat that would nestle nicely on Kanye’s Late Registration. As expected, the various band members bounce off each other, crafting infectious verses and yet again living up to the hype.

Come back next week for more of our favourite tracks.