Sit yourself down, strap yourself in and get ready for another hot instalment of our favourite tracks. Listen below:

Lazy Day – Hiccup

Off forthcoming EP ‘Ribbons’, this new Lazy Day track is an absolute doozy. With guitars sounding like they were recorded in a bubble bath, and an infectiously fun chorus, you’d be an idiot for not seeing them when they play at Crofters Rights on the 23rd September.

Magic Potion – Rest Yr Skull

Another wonderfully charming, bubbly guitar-pop hit from Magic Potion. There’s a bit more grit to ‘Rest Yr Skull’ when compared to songs off the band’s debut though. The guitars seem to bite more, whilst the hook is literally “Dig a hole in my dirt”. Still the whole track will make you pine for those recently lost days out in the sunshine.


Harvey Causon – Alliance

This track first surfaced on Harvey Causon’s debut EP ‘Introspect’ that came out earlier this year, but has had some tweaking done to it, and has been re-released as the b-side to a new single, out at the end of the month via Leisure Records (which I have definitely no vested interest in). His glitching sound is even clearer on this reworked version, and his deep soulful voice hits you even harder.

Nugget – Arcade Live feat Mouse

We’ve heard dribs and drabs from Bristol’s Nugget over the last few months, but ‘Arcade’ is the first proper taste of her debut ‘Demos’ EP that is set to be released on Breakfast Records. Though only a rough recording, Nugget’s incredible voice is breathtaking, and the song’s quiet, slow beauty is perfectly complimented by the sound of birds singing in the background.

Slonk – Jane’s Boots

Slonk has emerged from his lo–fi acoustic roots as one of Bristol’s most heart–wrenching songwriters. ‘Jane’s Boots’ continues the good work of his 2017 album Songs About Tanks adding beautiful violin and uplifting harmonies to his crackling vocals. Released as part of Art is Hard’s Postcard club, ‘Jane’s Boots’ is a wonderful stand alone track from Slonk.

The Horrors – Weighed Down

The more The Horrors share from their upcoming album, the harder it is becoming to pin down what it’s going to sound like. Like all Horrors tracks though, ‘Weighed Down’’s power stems from the contrast of dark and colour, whether it be the basslines throbs pitted against the guitars soft shimmer, or the bubbling noises that lurk beneath the surface clashing with Faris Badwan’s breathy vocal. Yet another intriguing cut.

Miguel – Shockandawe

Compared to the smooth, sexy sound that Miguel usually lays down on his songs, ‘Shockandawe’ is a whole lot more jagged. With a dark, looping guitar line, the beat sounds NERD–esque, menacing and pulsating. His vocals also seem more stripped back, more rapping than singing, but ‘Shockandawe’ shows that Miguel can do both with ease.

Sports – Making it Right

A fizzing, fun piece of punk from Ohio-based five-piece Sports. Released as part of a split EP with Plush on Father/Daughter Records, the song continues the bands infectious, confessional sound that they nailed on their previous album Sunchokes.

Bad Sounds – Hot Head Chippenham

Yet another solid gold funk banger from Bath’s Bad Sounds that features: 1) The line “Slytherin’s back“; 2) Star Wars references; 3) An extremely ropey “His mother and his sister go balister when they try and tell me” rhyme. All in all, a fantastic, silly pop song that you will have to try hard not to dance to.

Dama Scout – Sugar

Discordant post-punk guitars mix with smooth vocals on Dama Scout’s newie. The breakdown after the chorus dispels any idea of sweetness though, with the guitars cascading into nothing, stopping and starting before finally falling back into the verse. A listen that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

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