It’s pumpkin season and that means only one thing. It’s time to listen to our favourite tracks from last week:

Harvey Causon – Frisson

Out now on Leisure Records, this new single from Bristol-based Harvey Causon is a slow-burning thing of wonder. With the beautiful soft synths and his deep, rich vocal, it’s easy to get drawn in quickly, but it’s as the track expands that it really envelops you.

Abstract Typography – Grasp the Nettle

A lo-fi, buzzing first cut from Abstract Typography, a new project conceived between Bath and Bristol. From the gritty opening guitars, the tracks 90’s influences are obvious, and it balances Pavement’s obtuse angles with heavier, grungier guitars. The haywire solo and earworm of a chorus only help to get you excited for where the project is heading next.

Wild Beasts – Punk Drunk & Trembling

One of my favourite bands of all time, Wild Beasts decided that the best time to announce their split was my birthday last week. To make up for is (in a very minor way), the band have released this last parting shot, a tender soft song that is more reminiscent of Present Tense than last album Boy King. It still has a certain intensity though to counter the soft layers of harmony, and is a fantastic final gift from the four-piece

Fenne Lily – Three Oh Nine

After charming us with just her voice and an acoustic guitar, Bristol’s Fenne Lily decided it was time to pull out the big guns, employing a full backing band for new single ‘Three Oh Nine’. Her voice is still a tender whisper, but with some shimmering guitars and piano, her sound is fuller, and the silence that once defined her sound is now replaced with melodic layers. Still beautifully rich and heart wrenching, Fenne sounds like she is starting to hit her stride.

Rich the Kid – New Freezer feat. Kendrick Lamar

Dark, pulsating, but ultimately a whole lot of fun. I went on genius dot com and found out freezer refers not to Rich the Kid getting a real nice new Russell Hobbs unit, but instead a nice new watch. Oh, Kendrick kills it obviously.

Whitney – You & Me (demo)

Light Upon The Lake was a surprise entry for album of the year last year, but it’s beautifully breezy sound, pop hooks and hazy guitar solos won a lot of people’s hearts. ‘You & Me’, as the name suggests, isn’t a new song, but instead a demo from the recording session. But it bares the hallmarks of the band’s debut album, and it’s a shame we never got to hear a more fleshed out version.


Off his debut EP ‘Witness’, ‘Eye’ is a crushing, claustrophobic mix of distorted bass and industrial slams, unsurprising considering Mun Sing is half of Giant Swan. The experience is less intense than his other project however, and the track is allowed to slowly build adding glitching samples on top of each other before reaching the final conclusion.

Run The Jewels – Mean Demeanor

Only Run The Jewels could get away with releasing a track this good just for FIFA 18. Over their now-signature pummeling apocalyptic beats – adored with some lovely christmas bells – the two do battle as only they can do. It’s another full throttle banger from one of the best rap acts in the world.

Slonk – I’m Pursuing A Career Outside Of Conveyancing

After the lush layers of his last album Songs about Tanks, Bristol’s Slonk has stripped it back again, teasing the first track off a new EP that he recorded in his bedroom over a weekend with just one mic. ‘I’m Pursuing A Career Outside Of Conveyancing’ still retains Slonk’s signature lyrical deftness, but is more scrappy and punky than anything on the last album. You can pre-order the EP in poster form here: