Photo by Carolin Weinkopf

I hope you’re as excited to listen to our favourite tracks from the last week as we are. Listen below:

Jamie Cruickshank – I Can See Totterdown

Usually seen creating noise for either Human Bones or Gnarwhals, this debut song from Jamie Cruickshank could not be further away from his other projects. Delicate, layered and intimate, the song is a wonderfully wintery piece of folk that name checks Totterdown, Windmill Hill and Freezing Hill. His earthy tones fit nicely with the soaring violin, and the track paves the way for Jamie’s exciting new project.

Mush – Luxury Animals

The latest band to join Art is Hard’s impeccable roster, Leed’s band Mush reveal the first track of a double a-side single that the label is putting out. Part slacker, part post-punk, ‘Luxury Animals’ resides in the same space as Parquet Courts, but gritter sounding. Catch them on the 12th of November playing The Old England.

The Spook School – Still Alive

The Spook School are back! The Scottish punk band’s new album is set to be released through Alcopop!, and the first taste from the record is a defiant banger. Mixing their signature punk guitars with a certain calm, the band hit out on the chorus, chanting “Fuck you I’m still alive”.

King Krule – Half Man Half Shark

Probably the most straight-forward of the tracks to have surfaced from King Krule’s new album. ‘Half Man Half Shark’ pushes his voice to the fore, whilst tribal drums pulsate in the background. There are still his normal signs of sonic experimentation, but in ‘Half Man Half Shark’ King Krule has created something dark and hypnotising.

Rozelle – Dig Your Heels In (Live)

Bristol’s Rozelle have had their heads down recording in the last few months, and this week revealed the fruit of their labour. Recorded live, ‘Dig Your Heels In’ is a shimmering guitar-pop earworm that showcases not just the band’s incredible songwriting, but also their powerful live sound. The band will be releasing a four-track EP in March, with a four-track live EP coming out only a month after.

Corre – Aeon

We premiered this track on the site earlier this week, but it’s worth relistening if you haven’t already. Corre are a Bristol duo combining soft, neo-classic electronics with beautiful visuals, and ‘Aeon’ is one of the new tracks off their upcoming album. It is an intricate, slow-building affair, mixing pulsating electronic with beautiful piano. Not one to miss.

Seamus Fogarty – Van Gogh’s Ear

A shuffling, meandering folk song by Seamus Fogarty, with surreal, over the top visuals from Bristol’s James Hankins. Seamus’s laidback delivery coupled with the soaring fiddle perfectly underpin the wonderful images his lyrics conjure, with his calmness countering the absurdness of the video.

Ardyn – Life Happens

Another stunning new single from Bristol Live favourite Ardyn. The Gloucester brother/sister duo have a knack for writing glittering atmospheric pop, but ‘Life Happens’ might be their most catchy yet. More driving than previous singles, the stabbing pianos and harmonies lift the song up to another level.

Boys – Rabbits

Hailing from Sweden, Boys aka Nora Karlsson, has shared this wonderful new lo-fi track from her latest split 7” with fellow Swedes Magic Potion. Mixing 60’s pop-sensibilities with grainy lo-fi recordings, the track feels intimate, like it was recorded straight into a laptop. A charming effort.

We’ll have more of our favourite tracks back here next week.